RC heli landing with fpv camera / Motorway inspection

RC heli landing / rc helicopter with camera / rc fpv / fpv helicopter / rc helicopter camera / Helicopter landing on motorway / Bell 222 / RC Heli FPV Camera: WORLD’S FIRST RC HELI LANDING ON A MOTORWAY (!!!)
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Must see: Spectecular pictures including video views from the onboard camera of the RC heli Bell 222.
RC heli camera is filming a spectecular landing of a Bell 222 on the highway(!!!). (Onboard video camera).
After starting at the aerodrome Fürstenfeld two rc-helicopters are landing (700 class) on the highway in Steinberg. The two helicopters are a Bell 222 and an Agusta A 119 (700 class). More information: www.pb-tv-pro.at .
You can see more videos like this on the YouTube channel PB TV-PRODUKTIONEN. Bell 222 and Agusta A 119.

Wayne brings another uber-expensive RC heli to the field, this time it’s the SAB Goblin 700. Unfortunately, there seems to be some problem getting the Futaba flybarless controller to play well with this heli and Wayne says it’s “not locked in” when flying.

Watch for more video of this heli once he gets it sorted.

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26 Responses to “RC heli landing with fpv camera / Motorway inspection”

  • LoopyMCGoat:

    Imagine if the helicopter would run out of battery while flying over the motorway…

  • Totally Anonymous:

    jogging blondie looks useful…

  • 4 ohm:

    Bellissimo !! un giorno ne faro uno anche io così

  • Brenton Carter:

    Where would i find these helicopters

  • Matl lieftirc:

    das ist total cool das ist doch nähe Graz laut den Verkehrsschildern gar nicht weit weg.gefällt mir sehr euer Kanal.lg aus kapfenberg

  • RotorWing FPV:

    lol cute

  • offshore911:

    i love her. next video pls without the rc helis 🙂

  • Mateus Lima:


  • Ricardo Van Der Westhuizen:

    where can i buy one i have the cash i want to buy a goblin 700

  • Anil Singh Tomar:

    So much randy orten rko

  • Chase Hudson:

    That would be nice to have(green is my favorite color) but I'm probably starting with the WL v997

  • Andrew Yang:

    I want one mommy! please…….HAHAHAHAHa

  • muhd.suresh kumar rangasami:

    This is the best heli in the market…

  • ????????? ??????????:


  • Landi Bandi:

    dang I wish I could have that … imagine what I could do with it
    , maybe literally pickup girls

  • Kevys Rc & Music:

    thats a cool heli

  • Corbins Ta:


  • doluseb:

    sooo long just to setup and fly for 4 min. Not to mention the cash that goes into these big babies. hell, just the batts are expensive as balls

  • Wayne Morgan:

    Ohhhhhh I want one!! Does the price include marriage counseling?

  • EnVision:

    Maybe someday… lol im still flying syma heli copters. I thought this would be easy to fly but looks like its a higher end heli. I think I want to buy it and hold on to it till I can fly it though Im looking at the 500 model

  • lance fitz:

    i was hoping to catch a glimpse of the dude riding a 450f mx bike in the background lol

  • Free rides for gas money:

    Last time I seen a goblin it was on the end of a niggers dick!

  • The Gaming T-Rex:

    some people think it is so easy to fly the trex 450 like me when i was flying a trex 450 some kids come to me and said "can we fly that thing" and i said "no" then suddenly they took the controller from me and they fly it and crash it good thing i have a airsoft in my pocket and shoot them at the foot and leave me without saying sorry after i saw my trex crash i almost cry 🙁

  • Bazz Ali:

    How much is that when it's buy

  • darwin madeloso:

    there's two batterry pack one for controller and servo, the blue batt, and black battery for the motor, it is designed for smooth controlling…..

  • Samuel Thomas:

    you must be new to this channel

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