Flying Traxxas E-Revo + RC heli + onboard cam bashing around at skate park!!!

Flying SKY CAR is back – VERY fast!!! With a flying Traxxas E-Revo VXL and onboard cam we go bashing around at the large and famous Factory Skatepark in Dundee/Scotland. Due to stripped differential gears (listen closely, you can hear it!) we had to change to a Tamiya Fighter after about two battery packs. Check out our facebook and web page to learn how it was built (including rapid prototyping techniques), plus read the articles in RC Rotorworld, 3D-Heli-Action and Cars & Details!

Check out SKY CAR driving on underside (!) of Scottish Skye Bridge here:

The Factory Skatepark in Dundee, Scotland. Thanks so much guys!

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