Piroflips neXt – CGM rc Helicopter Simulator

Piroflip training flight in the neXt CGM rc Helicopter Simulator
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4 Responses to “Piroflips neXt – CGM rc Helicopter Simulator”

  • Klaus Eiperle:

    Yes, when you purchase the neXt, the timer will be gone. :-)

  • hungrybanana9:

    Is there a way I can turn off the timer? Or is that the whole purpose of buying it? Because my parents won't let me buy it and the 2 minute timer is annoying :-(

  • hungrybanana9:


  • Klaus Eiperle:

    Simply press esc to open the menu, select 'Simulator' tab and there you can change the steering mode. And when you are using an transmitter, you go through the calibration process.

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