PiroFlip RC Helicopter tutorial

Simulator: Phoenix RC

Here’s my first tutorial, if you would like to learn any other tricks, or if there is something I missed in this tutorial for clarification leave a comment down below!

Thanks for watching.
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12 Responses to “PiroFlip RC Helicopter tutorial”

  • Luis Lahud:

    By far best tutorial of how to piroflips. I have seen a lot of videos and finally I understand how piroflips work you naild it Brandon thank you for this video it helped me so much?

  • Eggma Eggma:

    I really like your comment about why piro flips are drifted…That's exactly the problem I have.?

  • jakeboynz:

    Thanks for this video! I was wanting to learn how to properly piro flip. This is teaching me to do exactly that. Do you mind doing a video of your Tx settings for phoenix please? I watched one which helped me get started but I just can't get it to control the heli smoothly. There seems to be a LOT of sudden movements on the throttle when applying negative pitch etc making the heli move in a jerky manner. Would be great if you could do one 🙂 Thanks!?

  • Jonathan Carter:

    I literally cannot thank you enough for making this video. I kept trying step 3 and got it maybe once by luck. Now I've been practicing the basic way you mentioned near the end of the video and I never thought it would happen, but I am finally doing it lol. For the longest time all I've ever been able to do is inverted over and tic tocs and now my practice is finally paying off. Thank you so much for the videos man, I really appreciate it!?

  • Mike N.:

    Great tutorial video Brandon! I have both Phoenix 5 and Real Flight 7.5 sims. The Phoenix sim does not feel very realistic to me when I fly helis but when I watch other experienced people like yourself fly helis on Phoenix it looks very realistic. Do you recommend a particular stock helicopter on Phoenix or did you edit a stock helicopter? Or did you perhaps use some aftermarket heli in either an edited or unedited version? Thanks.?

  • fredheimer:

    Nice tutorial. I do practicing pirouetting hover, upright an inverted with different rotating speeds. at last, I have success with the two seperate parts of the pirofllip but bringing it together is tricky. the transition of the first part from upright pirouetting to inverted with catching in to stable piroetting hover is he hardest part. think that i will get it also with alot of practicing.?

  • Sam Wade:

    I have to say this is probably the best Piro-Flip tutorial out there. I've been doing piroflips wrong, I've been watching the tail throughout the whole move!, now I'm watching the tail from upright to inverted THEN, watching the nose from inverted to upright. Thanks Brandon!?

  • JC FNSC:

    the best piro-flip tutorial i`ve seen.?

  • Dennis Gagliano:

    What simulator is this? Thanks in advance?


    Thanks a lot this was the most bizarre maneuver to break down ?

  • SkunkapeProductions:

    I have this sim only problem ive got is im using a futaba skysport 4 with no fancy buttons and was wondering is there another tx that would be able to set the inverted hover as im having to work like crazy keeping my helo inverted on this sim??

  • Mike Cayen:

    I'm probably never going to be able to get them … but thanks for taking the time to show us how it's done properly Brandon … Great tutorial!!!?

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