Phoenix Rc v4.0/v5.0 – How to setup your Transmitter.

??Hello Guys??

In this video i explain and show in detail how to setup your Transmitter with Phoenix Rc Simulator. I show you how to connect your Tx to your laptop using the USB Dongle interface, how to calibrate the tx, how to reverse controls and setup your switches to function in game.

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18 Responses to “Phoenix Rc v4.0/v5.0 – How to setup your Transmitter.”

  • Jay_B explorations:

    Where can I buy the adapter now?

  • Robert [TOG]:

    Could this work for futaba, with another connector?

  • JS V:

    How did you disable the CCPM in the transmitter? And why did you setup to Airplane instead of Helicopter as stated in the instruction?

  • fcolon1976:

    How many channels does the simulator support? 6 ch or more then 6ch? Thanks

  • vanh Sisavanh:

    hi sir
    we are not working
    deferrent 2 computer

  • Michael Robson:

    can you please send me a link to purchase a Phoenix 3 rc simulator cable complete with dongle to connect to a spektrum dx6i

  • Jim Goodwin:

    Very informative tutorial.

  • RemoWest:

    Looking at the "Phoenix R/C Pro Simulator V5.5 with DX6i Transmitter" Is this compatible with all R/C aircraft transmitter/ systems or just "blade" products?  It works for the simulator and the actual  models as well…correct?

  • Daniel Eaton:

    I have a Phoenix R/C4 with Spektrum DX5e. It has been unused for quite a while due to illnes but would like to try again. When I turn it on it does not recognize my controler. The program will turn on but will not recognize the control. Any sugestion?v

  • Alan C:

    Could you please tell me where to get the usb lead for phoenix.. Thanks

  • MegaProfit:

    Phoenix Rc v4.0/v5.0 – How to setup your Transmitter.

  • BB:

    Mono audio cable , ppjoy and smartprop does not working wirh Dx6i ?

  • neal4254:

    hi please can you tell me if the FlySky FS-i6 2.4G 6CH transmitter will work with this?

  • Sebastian Pebsen-Zachrau:


  • Gerald Walton:

    I have the camble cant  get to work I have a eflite LP5DSM 5 CHANNEL TRANSMITTER when hook it  up it dos not power on when I power the transmitter dos not power on but when I un hook it from the transmitter the power comes on

  • Roberto Brolese:

    boa noite
    preciso do programa emulador desse USB

  • Tyler Ramey:

    I need one of the cables please. Thanks

  • andy the gardener:

    the rotor should be flat on, so in theory it shouldnt drift to the side much at any of the points even if you do it slow. but its hard to do each part exactly right so drift tends to creep in. in truth its not that hard to do when you get the transition to each quarter of the circle correct. what i found very frustrating is i kept moving away into the distance

    you can also do big circles, by going round an imaginary edge, rather than pivoting in the center of the disk.

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