How to Setup and Bind the V912 Helicopter with a Turnigy 9X v2 Transmitter – Step by Step Guide

This video shows, step by step, how to adjust the Turnigy 9x transmitter to work with the V912 Helicopter from WL Toys. I tried to make a video easy to understand, and this time i added some extra configurations that will better use some of the Turnigy 9X resources. Most of this information come from RC forums, i just put the information together and made a visual guide.

PS: The failsafe configuration does not work, you may ignore that step.

This same configuration guide should work for the V913 and V911 also.

Hope you enjoy and that is usefull for someone who would like to use the V912 with the Turnigy 9x Transmitter.

You can get the V912 from :

V912 RTF (Complete package) :
V912 BNF (Without transmiter, helicopter only) :

Music by Dan-O at


19 Responses to “How to Setup and Bind the V912 Helicopter with a Turnigy 9X v2 Transmitter – Step by Step Guide”

  • flyguydb:

    I do not get the same servo throw as the stock tx.  Do i have to flash the turnigy9x with the er9x firmware to get the full servo throw?

  • virre62:

    nice video!! thanx!! just set up my v913…..1 thing….do you know how to set up the led on off switch on the 9x for the v913?….is it even possible?

  • hfe18:

    nice video tutorial, by the way what's the name of the song???

  • Rolan Espinosa:

    whats the name of song??

  • Nilton Spezzano:

    Obrigado pela ajuda ,gostaria de saber se eu posso configurar a opssão “ RATES “ no V 911…

  • David Foosh:

    Also works for Hisky HFP80FS

  • g3ares:

    Thanks. Your settins work fine for me on my Eurgle tx for my 911.

  • Benjamin Bean:

    i accidentally just gave you some money… i clicked on the ad on accident

  • Daniel Sejour:

    Why doesn't the fine tuning setting work on the FS TH9X

  • Rafal Raf Prusinowski:

    Thanks for great video! Work great with my V913 and it's so much nicer to control with Turnigy 9X then with stock factory supplied transmitter. Excellent. Next step for me is to go fully brushless.

  • ourblue:

    This bind process,at the end of video, also works for the taranis.


    Thanks, it was very useful. But do you know if is normal(with your configuration) that my v912 starts rotating when going up and down? The helicopter is stable if I don't change the thorttle, but when I move the stick up, the heli starts rotating to the right and when it's going down, start rotating to the left. Is this normal? I tried to trim the rudder but isn't that.

  • Samuel Alejandro López Hernández:

    do you get a range improve using the turnigy than the wl stock? or the same?

  • WKienen:

    V911, V912 e V913, e também com os quads V929 e V939, pelo que sei.

  • Ton Xim:

    este radio é compativel com qual heli, da wltoys

  • WKienen:

    Hi. take a look at the Subtrim configuration at 2:20 of the video, make sure you have a Negative value there, set -030, or else try -050, -060 to see if it works. Some people with the V911 got problems with the Subtrim and they had to put -050, maybe some V912 may need these lower values too.

  • Chana Chandaranual:

    I have some question: When I set up thr in Function setting (reverse), my helicopter fly automatically without using stick and without control. Have something wrong with yr clip? If not, which process i've wrong.

  • WKienen:

    To be honest, i added this without testing correctly, it is not necessary with this model. Failsafe could slowly cut the throttle if signal is lost, to bring the heli down, but the v912 falls like a rock if this happens.

  • Bruce Burkland:

    During the setup you mentioned the "fail safe". Just curious (should I buy this tx), what does that do??

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