Refurb Thursday!!! – Phoenix 3.5CH RC Helicopter- August 9th

Every Thursday is Refurb Thursday or “Refurbsday”, and is selling select refurbished items at great discount prices. This Thursday, August 9th, we’re selling a refurbished Phoenix 3.5CH RC Helicopter.

How does the refurb process work? Well when an item comes back to us damaged, or even if the box has a few dings, we send it off to our hobbytron-trained and certified technicians, who repair it to perfect working condition. Then we pass the savings on to you!

Each and every refurbished item we sell is Hobbytron-Certified to work, and comes with a complete 30-day-warranty, just like the new ones!

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Everyone that has a 3D TV has to try this out!!! It makes the sim a lot more realistic because you can see the depth of the field and how close the heli or plane is to the ground! Maybe Phoenix RC could design a way to be able to do this on the PC!!!

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16 Responses to “Refurb Thursday!!! – Phoenix 3.5CH RC Helicopter- August 9th”

  • Lincoln Wu:


  • A Can of Air:


  • FatPanda141:


  • 5wildstudios:

    Yay a good price on a rc helicopter (^o^)/

  • asianpower3000:


  • lewis dobson:

    I have a. 3d tv but I don't know how to just turn on the 3d unless it is built into the sim

  • Darcy Brown:

    someone obviously has alot of money ;P

    good flying mate, im keen to get phoenix

  • birdman bl:

    Hey man whats up ?

  • tomstanton28:

    I have added a link to my blog in the description, you should be able to download it from there.

  • tomstanton28:

    I have an instructional video on how to download and install it: /watch?v=pIIHqOg5cl0

  • Etkini:

    You could do this before on PC.. nVidia and AMDATI (graphics chip makers) have 3D softwarehardware. I've been using nVidia 3D Vision for a while for games.. I do know in Phoenix 4 it's supported natively. Anywho, I just got Phoenix today (I've been using Clearview) and it's amazing. I would have never thought to try it in 3D until I saw your video.. hell, time to go see how it looks.. 😀

  • tommym447:

    @22NiggaPlease it wont be 100%…but u get the stick training.i used simulator when i started fly helies.from the moment i had my real take off after many hours training,i was inair with my raptor 50 40 times before first crash:-).i been flying planes for 20 years,that i needed to learn the hard way…so god bless simulators;-)…its worth every penny

  • tomstanton28:

    @22NiggaPlease Yes, I fly a lot on the sim until im confident and i learn all the orientations properly. it really helps, but i still feel nervous to do the trick for real because there is always the risk of me crashing and costing a lot of money.

  • 22NiggaPlease:

    @tomstanton28 Let me ask you one thing and ill stop with the annoying questions … when you practice something new on the Phoenix and your confident about your tricks on the phoenix can you go out and perform them without any hesitation in real flight ?

  • 22NiggaPlease:

    @tomstanton28 Lol well stay up man and keep doing your thing ill keep watching!

  • tomstanton28:

    @22NiggaPlease Haha, I'm not really a 'PRO', I've just been playing on the sim a lot. sorry mate but I don't have 2 phoenix sims 😛 It's not very expensive compared to how many times you can crash and just reset 🙂

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