Parrot Mini Drone review – The “Rolling spider”

The Parrot Rolling Spider is an ultra-compact, palm sized quadcopter drone controlled by a smartphone and using a sophisticated sensor array of an ultrasonic sensor, a 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometer, a vertical camera and a pressure sensor.
“6 times lighter than AR.Drone and the same flight stability thanks to an autopilot based on a 3-axis gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer.
• Pressure sensor for the flight altitude
• Ultrasonic sensor for precision flying near the ground
• Its vertical camera at 60 fps measures the speed comparing previous image.
This ultra-sophisticated technology based on sensor data fusion makes Rolling Spider one of the world’s most stable drones.
It has an exclusive free-fall take-off mode: its engines start when you drop it.
Capture aerial views with the vertical mini-camera.”
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20 Responses to “Parrot Mini Drone review – The “Rolling spider””

  • sadsdda:

    thank you very much for the awesome video. it helped me decide if i want this drone or not?

  • jose rizal:

    can it carry a go pro??

  • Alicia Williams:

    i know this is a mini, but i don't know if i missed it; but how well can this withstand winds??

  • Eli Nathan:

    Might pick this up today seems really cool?

  • Cobra' s:

    Really nice video! Ima buy it tomorrow:)?

  • Sam Husson:

    Concise review Bluntly. Thanks.?

  • Joyce Chen:

    I have one?

  • steve rhoods:

    I love mine it's a great little drone I have a dji phantom but I like the parrot more?

  • Andrei H:

    Make triple sure to update to the latest firmware before trying this outdoors!!! Mine almost flew away on its first outdoor flight. Flew too high (it did not stop at 10 meters), lost bluetooth connection and it just kept going up. It drifted towards a tree, i thought it would hit a branch and fall down so i could catch it, but i'd put the wheels on and the props just scraped a leaf, which was not enough for it to stop.

    Fortunately, luck was on my side this time. It hovered close to that tree for a bit, then, when the battery ran out, it came back slowly and landed safely very close to where it took off. This is interesting for a drone with no GPS, as it had drifted at least 3 or 4 meters horizontally due to wind.

    Checked the Parrot site and there was a firmware update that makes it land when it loses connection. That function should have been there from the start. I have applied that update and will test it tomorrow, hopefully it does actually work.?

  • Thomas “RC George” Jørgensen:

    Is there any chance of putting like a small camera on this little bugger? :)?

  • fatbloke:

    throwing it to start is the coolest feature ever?

  • Legoman244:

    I finally ordered me one! Should have it early next week. So excited!?

  • LiamWayeProductions:

    After seeing this i bourt one lol! :D?

  • Legoman244:

    Cannot wait to get one of these! I probably will get some extra batteries as well.?

  • Black Knight:

    who needs pets anymore, right ???

  • Caleb Vigil:

    I  bought one today, and just lost it:(?

  • gloclocka:

    My girlfriend just brought one back from her holiday. It's pretty cool but be careful! I crashed it into my knee and it drew blood hahaha gave me a fright. Felt like a tattoo needle gouging at your skin! I survived though.
    But all in all it's a bloody fun piece of kit! She paid $110 for it.definitely worth getting one?

  • The wannabe:

    I'm getting this thing?

  • victorinoxfan:

    I want one of these so bad?

  • Pyro_wizard:

    I have seen them with little moustaches on the front. WHERE DO YOU GET THEM!?!?!? Lol?

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