New Walkera Genius FP RC Helicopter w/ DEVO 2402D LCD Transmitter

Here is the New Walkera Genius FP w/ 4 Channel 2.4GHz DEVO 2402D LCD Transmitter in an open box review.

You can check out The Walkera Genius FP at -or- click the link below:

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12 Responses to “New Walkera Genius FP RC Helicopter w/ DEVO 2402D LCD Transmitter”

  • Areld Fish,Turtle:

    is this the same as the super fp?

  • Chandra Thangavallo:

    Hi Xheli could you show How to replace Genuis Fp tail motor?Thanks

  • Jose David Ortiz Sequera:

    WHICH IS BETTER: Heli-Max AXE 100 FP Fixed-Pitch Flybarless Ready-To-Fly 2.4Ghz OR Walkera Genius FP 4CH Flybarless Mini RC Helicopter w/ Devo 2402D???

  • xhelicopter:

    The labor for the repair service cost $40, cost of parts is extra, and you'll need to cover the shipping for the item both ways.

  • Randy Rogers:

    i did get it from you guys but it needa a new i really think i need a new one cause my rx board keeps get fird and wire keeps coming off it crash while flying here is the item number so you can check 1810713 i got this in august 24 2012

  • xhelicopter:

    We only offer the repair service for items that was purchased through us. If you purchased the item from another vendor we can't repair it for you.

  • Randy Rogers:

    Hi do xheli repAir genuis cp helis my rx board and frame and tail motoris smash up can i send it it to get repaired and how much will it cost me to fix

  • RyanNX211:

    How many times can you say "you guys" in a video?

  • xhelicopter:

    I wouldn't recommend this helicopter for beginners.

  • Dirtfreakk:

    is it good for beginners ?

  • mguzm12:

    Tony I got a v911 my first heli never flew b4 and it was great until the tail motor came out on a crash n that's the end of it tried to fix it but everything is superglued the tail boom so I want to know if their is a good beginner heli with a good tail boom n motor that will be easy to work on if it breaks



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