Walkera FPV 400 4CH 2.4Ghz RC Helicopter With Devo F4 Mode 2 RTF

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A Main Rotor Diameter: 485mm
B Main Rotor Diameter: 485mmOverall Length: 580mmMotor: 2 x 380PFBattery: 11.1V 1500mAh Li-po
Radio: DEVO F4(Included)or DEVO F7(Not Included)
Receiver: RX2459H-D
All-up Weight: 720g(battery included)
RYRO: Built-inServo: WK-7.6-6A
Camera: DVO45.8G Emitter: TX5803 or TX5804

1.2.4G Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) technology, boot automatically code assigned ID can also be custom fixed ID code.
2.5.8G real time image transmission, enjoy FPV first perspective fun.
3.USB online upgrade, maintain the latest version of the program always.
4.High-frequency output power adjustable ( minus 5 dBm ~ 20 dBm), more humane, more environmentally friendly.
5.wireless copy function and coaching functions with model data between the two devices.
6.Suitable for 4 Channel Helicopters and airplanes.
7.with the size of the rudder and the exponential function, to control throttle curve in 7:00.
8.Support Telemetry transmission function, significant voltage, temperature, GPS and other information can be monitored back9.15 model set data can be stored.
10.Joystick with four bearing design, overall appearance design ergonomic easy to grip and more comfortable.


Encoder:4-channel micro computer system
Frequency: 2.4GHz DSSSOutput power: ?100mW
Current drain: ?500mA (100mW)
Power supply: 7.4V 800mAh or 5#Battery 4×1.5V
Output pulse: 1000~2000Ms(1500Ms Neutral)
Image receive: 5.8G

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Get it here: http://www.xheli.com/walkera-fpv100-rtf-24g-devo4.html

The Walkera FPV 100 Mini Lama is a small counter rotating rotor head four channel helicopter. The FPV 100 is Walkera’s latest micro sized helicopter with first person view capability. The first time we flew this chopper we were very impressed. Walkera has proven that they know how to make micro sized helicopters with years of experience creating helicopters of all sizes and skill level. The FPV 100 Mini Lama is one of their latest innovative designs that appeal to the beginner or advanced pilot looking for relaxing enjoyment. It has an integrated a Wi-Fi chip set so you can control it directly with your iPhone / iPad. They made this feature very simple. There is no need to fiddle with router settings or internet settings, simple go to your iPhone / iPad’s Wi-Fi settings menu, select the drone’s WiFi name and open the “WK-Remote” app. Once this is linked you will get live video feed and gain full control of the FPV 100 Mini Lama chopper. You have the ability to achieve first person view through the onboard camera and possess the ability to start and stop recording and take still images directly from the controls on your iPad or iPhone. The files will save onto your i-device and will be retrievable thru iTunes or your computer. While using with iPhone / iPad, you can use the ordinary stick control mode, or use the Gravity Mode. The gravity mode utilizes the i-Devices accelerometer and allows control of the FPV 100 by tilting the device forward, back, left and right. It is a bit tricky at first but a cool feature indeed!

The FPV 100 Mini Lama helicopter is also compatible with the Walkera Devo transmitters. This heli comes equipped with the 2.4ghz Devo 4 allowing precise controls with a traditional transmitter. We liked flying the FPV 100 helicopter with this setup best because it gives the best feedback and most comfortable and familiar flight controls. The mutli-axis gyro system on the FPV 100 is improved as well. Stability and flight character is much improved over other co-axial helicopters. Walkera nailed it with the FPV 100 and we are excited to offer this great package to our customers.


13 Responses to “Walkera FPV 400 4CH 2.4Ghz RC Helicopter With Devo F4 Mode 2 RTF”

  • C OC:

    I hate brushed motor

  • Josh fpv:


  • JakeTheRipper 73:

    Will this heli sync with Android devices?

  • sunghoon ham:

    Hi. i am dreaming. i am looking for Walkera FPV Devo-100 Mini Lama RC Helicopter.
    This is coming out brushless motor Walkera Lama RC Helicopter.
    if you have it. let everybody know.

  • sunghoon ham:

    Hi. i am dreaming. i am looking for Walkera FPV Devo-100 Mini Lama RC Helicopter.
    This is coming out brushless motor Walkera Lama RC Helicopter.
    if you have it. let everybody know.

  • sunghoon ham:

    hi. i am dreaming. i am looking for Walkera FPV Devo-100 Mini Lama RC Helicopter.
    This is coming out brushless motor Walkera Lama RC Helicopter

  • Yillen:

    Baught it, barely managed to figure out how the hell to get it working with the shitty manual, and then first time i took off I came about 2 ft off the ground then landed and broke the tail on carpet. 

  • Attila Von Stryker:

    Ik voel als u die misschien geobsedeerd met me worden.

  • video9009:

    Not so great duh.. I don't need a computer to translate, I have my own brain, so how stupid I look now?( and there are so much sites that translate, nothing to do with hardware) O well, a couple of mistakes, but it's still me, not a PC. And you are a perfect person that makes no mistakes?

  • Attila Von Stryker:

    Niet groot, maar mijn MAC vertaalt zeer efficiënt. Dank voor het vragen.

  • video9009:

    English is not my native langue. How is your Dutch?

  • Attila Von Stryker:

    Try spellcheck Genius, you look ignorant if you can't spell Ignorant …lol
    bye the way … my stupid overpriced computer has this basic feature.
    Enjoy your "andriod".

  • video9009:

    Lol, typical reaction from an Apple fan. Assuming that Android people are poor and ignorent etc. When in fact I can afford more then you think. But just sit and wait, Andriod is getting bigger and better as we speak. You just keep on buying overpriced items, I will keep on buying my affordable items.

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