Best beginner RC helicopter

Alex demoing the best RC helicopter CX2 from horizon hobby


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  • Paul Reeder:

    Day late and a dollar short I know. You can now find this helicopter a whole lot cheaper than when it first came out.

    One extremely major thing to consider is this: The 4-1 control unit is no longer available anywhere. I have searched the internet for years now and they are no where to be found. Only if you can find a used complete helicopter. If you do find one, make sure the person certifies that the copter and transmitter are fully functional. There are tons of them out there where the individual makes the claim that "It doesn't even appear to have been out of the box". I still have mine. I have photographed it in the box and it still looks to be brand new and unused. But the 4-1 control unit is fried. And the transmitter no longer works. This is more than likely because of the DSM2 technology requiring an internal battery to hold the operating system. This battery charges from the transmitter batteries while in use. If it isn't used for an extended period of time the internal battery dies and renders the transmitter useless. Never, ever, believe anyone unless they are willing to put it in writing with a money back guarantee and they pay all of the shipping costs. I even still have the original Blade CX (The yellow one). In the box, it doesn't look as though it has ever been used. I take care of my things. Oh yeah, this one still flies! Just as good as the day I adjusted everything and got it to fly right. The reason is that this one uses a crystal in the 72 MHz range instead of the DSM2 technology.

    This is just to give you some information so you can make an intelligent decision when buying one.

  • Nakit Nadaždin:

    good and expensive. go with the gwtoys xieda ones.

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