How to fly a RC Helicopter Upside down

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This is my fun channel, you’ll find everything hobby related, rc cars, monster trucks, supercars, destruction and a bit of business stuff 🙂 Although a lot of my videos are RC Car videos you will also see other stuff like business, Amazon FBA, eBay, Monster truck, Cars, insurance and many other topics.

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I wanted to share a quick tip on getting in those stubborn shims for the main rotor. Its a very basic and simple trick, but for some reason it took me a while to figure it out.


19 Responses to “How to fly a RC Helicopter Upside down”

  • @santoniorobinson3535:

    What is the name of the last smart helicopter you showed

  • @ProjectFleek:

    Ah the old YouTube rule, spend twice the time making a vid get half the views!

  • @madeljacky:

    28:50 that's the way i flipped the heli to inverted when i was learning, it was a raptor 50 and nose in inverted felt real easy to me, tail in inverted and side on inverted was like learning all over again but i got there eventually. Realflight 3 flight sim definitely helped as well to learn inverted flight.

  • @Belle-pz7nd:

    Can I get the small be cool in the box for your help?

  • @JairynDeplan:

    I love to winit

  • @LarryBaynum-jw8og:

    I have a helicopter that transmitter and receiver will not connect. It's brand new a fluid wants to put it up. Got it back out. Trying to fly it, try to do something with it and just won't connect. Can you help me?

  • @ericcoker8784:

    Bro, I stepped away from the helicopter world for a year, cuz I wasn't making progress. And lack of flying areas…blah blah.
    Soo…quads and tiny whoops FPV were my next move. I learned to solder, I learned a lil tuning and flying in all modes. The small size and I applied what I knew about helicopter stuff made the transition easy, so to speak. Got 30+ quads, mostly 65mm.
    Why have I returned? I have learned to program my RadioMaster Zorro via YouTube. Using the XKK100 and XKK110 as my practice helicopters, I find the game pad style controller helps a bunch! Nevermind the fact, through FPV, I learned I needed glasses….that was 50% of the battle.
    Anywho, thanks for the entertaining YET very informative content. You have helped before and surely you will help again. Much love!

  • @ToastyProductions.:


  • @BananaBrainBrian:

    Poor Dutch bloke trying to sleep off his nightshift and KT rocks up outside for acro sesh ?

  • @GunnarDalen:

    great gone buy that simulator..had one for about 15 years ago..but these seems much better..have had 4 heli before..but they crashed and burned..but i did get to hover it and fly them abit..but yes its hard to learn…thanks for the tips..:):)

  • @andre-dx4yw:

    i have several goblins including a kraken and a drake but i use accurc and vr headset for messing about as im a noob lol

  • @m.m.7511:

    I learned on real flight back in the 90's also…my grandpa shit his pants when he saw how well I did with it after the sim…

  • @eggfart05:

    Best tip for beginning picture yourself sitting inside the helicopter. That will help your brain associated with orienting the sticks from whatever angle you're looking at the helicopter

  • @foolish-wanderer:

    Hey Freddy, its 2023 and I'm new to rc heli's, your generosity of knowledge is most appreciated.. Your videos are absolutely boss.. Thank You.. If you still keep track of this channel, I have an issue with my rc heli wobbling – i cant isolate what it is.. Is email convo out of the question?

  • @heychas:

    I've got to say, your videos have been life savers! I didn't know how to fill that gap or even see the shims in my RT blade box until I watched your video. And your trick in this video made it super easy to put on. Thank you!

  • @brettkasper6345:

    What about bolt torque? Should a torque wrench be used? How tight is tight enough or can they be too tight?

  • @thomaslang7634:

    Tip. Use precision shim stock and only shim one side of the blade. The washers vary in thickness and weight. This will help keep everything more balanced.

  • @Airbrushkid:

    Hi Freddy. Why did you pick the Specter 700? Why not Align 700 or any of the others?

  • @dj80550:

    Good to see the content cranking out. Used to watch your vids years ago. # Keep Helis Alive

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