Kmart $15 Indoor RC Helicopter Review

Kmart  Indoor RC Helicopter Review

You can find this RC Helicopter here at Kmart AU/NZ

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26 Responses to “Kmart $15 Indoor RC Helicopter Review”


    My helicopter did not come with charger and we have the same one

  • Sienna Hayes:

    I got the bigger one

  • Logan Curran:

    you can take it outside but only at night

  • The Nutshells:

    Gday mate

  • Benja Lee:

    hahahahaha i came here not for the heli, but to see how ur house looks like. but still great and cheap heli, flies as well, if not better than the more expensive s*** equivalent. u know what im talking about

  • Victorian Aerial Vision:

    Nice review Dave. I bought one of these years ago, while it was fun for a while I got bored of it quickly. For $15 it's a great little heli for a kid to start with. The heli can't fly away when it's indoors.

  • Gregory Hall:

    Good job Dave.

  • Void X RC:

    A friend and me used to fly little helis like these around chasing each other trying to get them to crash, good times lol

  • Southpaw RC:

    Cool Heli! Not a bad flight time either for a small copter ?????


    Nice review? not bad for cheapy

  • ben dover:

    these r all pretty kool, but there super boring to fly and the wind takes them away if u fly them out side, try a 4channel fly barless helicopter, now those r the shit

  • Humble Hobbit:

    Hi, my heli just keeps spinning to the left or right, no matter how much I trim it, very unstable. Any advice?

  • Xheli RC Drone Helicopter:

    @buridekkk If thats the case, 1. The helicopter is already charged. 2. the connection of the heli is not inserted properly. 3. Either usb cord or Helicopter has bad connectors

  • Xheli RC Drone Helicopter:

    @buridekkk USB light will turn red once charging is completed

  • Xheli RC Drone Helicopter:

    @nathanH2150 the helicopter would have to have the gyro already built in, theres no way to mount one in

  • Jaibriel Gon:

    i've got one of these and they are soooooo fun to play with:D

    i've got the shark with silver metal parts!

  • Xheli RC Drone Helicopter:

    Visit xheli . com and you can see a wide variety of selection for the lowest prices.
    -Teddy from rcdiscuss . com

  • Xheli RC Drone Helicopter:

    About the frequency thing. The different colors does not mean different frequencies. It's random frequencies which is A, B, and C. When you order from our website, make a comment on which one you want. Thanks!

  • Xheli RC Drone Helicopter:

    Go to xheli . com and you can see a wide variety of selection for the lowest prices.
    -Teddy from rcdiscuss . com

  • Xheli RC Drone Helicopter:

    Do you mean the 3 channel falcon or the falcon 40 which is 4 channel? 3 Channel helicopters all fly similar, but the 4 channel falcon 40 would fly better. I apologize for the inconvenience, but you can order directly from our website at xheli . com. Good luck!
    -Teddy from rcdiscuss . com

  • assman83:

    Maybe if you answered the phone I could order some? WTF busy signal for three hours, and no on is on the online support thing. Do the different colors mean different frequencies? Are these as good as the falcon?

  • Xheli RC Drone Helicopter:


  • Rob Pelletier:

    There are so many of these helis coming out right now, just in time for Christmas!! They are a a lot of fun and charging from the USB is great!!

  • Live2Fly94:

    Lol I thought it was going to be some transforming heli.

    Looks quite sturdy for a 3CH though, landing gear looks great.

  • knifeedge63:

    i know i was thinking the same frikin thing:P

  • Le Grub:

    Why is it called a Mini Agilely Glider if it's a heli lol

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