JXD 4 Ch Indoor Infrared RC Gyroscope Helicopter “Drift King” review

JXD 4 Ch Indoor Infrared RC Gyroscope Helicopter “Drift King” This is the Newest of the Indoor Infrared Remote Control Helicopters out there. While all the o…


8 Responses to “JXD 4 Ch Indoor Infrared RC Gyroscope Helicopter “Drift King” review”

  • TheRCHeliFun:

    With a Coaxial Rotor Helicopter, they are meant to be flown inside, Wind or any slight breeze? will make the helicopter almost impossible to fly.

  • Michael Castaneda:

    Such? a goo review I hope you can do more heli review’s like this one.

  • BlackPrismGuard:

    nice cool? vid thanks

  • Christian Cruz:

    sadly,? no

  • David Yennerell:

    I bought both a red and blue one. The directions that came with had miss spellings and with the majority being in another language I could not figure out how to fly both at the same time. On top of those problems the red one wouldn’t fully work unless i was holding on to it…..then when I let go, it immediately became weak. Im glad you two are having fun with your purchase of these cool looking copters but? i unfortunately am not.

  • Victorjose Pereira:

    can? u fly it outside?

  • hugocheeseslapper:

    Great Vide love the? synronised crashing – I bought one on this review. Great work

  • tdo7125:

    Great video! When you were flying both helicopters, were both you and your brother on different? channels? What channel were you on and what channel was your brother on?

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