its my first rc heli which one should i buy

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4 Responses to “its my first rc heli which one should i buy”

  • Top 10:

    Where do you buy the big helicopters?

  • J0NB81:

    Have to keep in mind the area, some locations don't allow nitro birds at the field and there is nothing like a long drive after the walk of shame IMO cause the nearest field that flys nitro is 30 to 40 minutes away. I would say the sim for sure then a 450 and from there the sky is the limit because the birds just get easier to fly the bigger they get IMO.

  • WC Wickedclown RC inc:

    the raptor is cheap to repair as well , ebay ,runryder forum and helikraft for parts

  • lazor222:

    I'd say sim and then raptor .30 if you want nitro or outrage 550 if you want electric. Outrage will cost more but is cheap in a crash, raptor is cheap up front.

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