THIS is how tight your RC heli blades should be (and why)

A quick and simplified guide to how tight your RC helicopter blades should be, and why.

Clips used: Flying Camera Heli with Stabilizer only Serious Remote Control Hobby.
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8 Responses to “THIS is how tight your RC heli blades should be (and why)”

  • 3D FPV Prints:

    All my helicopters have the blades so tight you have to force them hard to fold them. In the words of SAB “you want them so tight you may have to use an Allen to loosen to fold”. This lead lag crap is a myth and I don’t know where it came from. But sock them up as tight as you can get them. Straighten them out before flight and trust me no matter how tight they will swing into place lol.

  • Curt Martini:

    "He doesn't even use tail blades "
    I literally spit my beer!!

  • trexinvert:

    Make sure "both" sides are consistent in tension.
    Also, "keep some spare" locknuts around and change them when they "feel too loose".

  • RC AS350 Pilot:

    very helpful, tnx

  • Jentje Dragonfly:

    Thanks man!!! Have you flown with it yet?

  • ?IlI??????:

    Excellent info man, thank you ? I was actually wondering about that for a while now.
    RC Stuff, I may I ask you for your advice. Every time I start over setting up my T-Rex 470 LP with the Brain2 FBL, the heli shows the same behavior. Please have a look at my newest short video, where I am showcasing my heli on the bench. Link:
    I'm really interested in your take on especially the behavior of the tail slider (servo) and the cyclic servos. Would be greatly appreciated. ?

  • jake lang:

    I've had very few fly better loose .

  • Rc World Jik:

    That is what I am looking for

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