HOW TO: RC Helicopter hovering practice

Just chilling at Australian Freestyle Fliers field with Radar. Shortly after this I crashed my Logo 600. I cried… but I cried manly tears… so that’s ok.


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  • Kyle Lananger:

    So uhm… Who else wants to ride in that helicopter with me??? Because if it was at all possible, that would be better than any rollercoaster XD?

  • k luper:

    Love your Flying! Good pilot just got a guys Back up 700 e FBL air frame
    slowly i will piece Her together.

    Thanks for the vid Happy Flying!!!

  • Killing-Time:

    Nice job man!

  • brosius85:

    i find this quite scary. good job!

  • Sean Brandt:

    Sweet jeasus, I just watched the build and decided I'd like to see it fly. My mind is blown at how bad ass this is. You my friend are my R/C Heli Hero! I wish I could "hover" like you, cheers!

  • stevens silverio:

    mennnn thats fast!!! i love how u control the heli, wow congrats, put the fpv cam on one of this practice

  • Scott Farnell:

    Great flying, too bad for logo. You won't miss it much
    when the Gobliin is done:)

  • carlocivicsi:

    @cruddbucket thanks

  • GazeyJR:

    @cruddbucket Yeah will do 😀 I love how you live in Australia, Because I live down in Tasmania!! Haha, small world!

  • cruddbucket:

    @GazeyJR Thanks man! well check back in the next week we have two videos in the pipeline. One is going to be pretty funny! using some FPV stuff for getting coffee to the shop. Stay tuned in 😉 cheers

  • GazeyJR:

    HAHA, I got so stoked when I saw there was a new Crudd Video to Watch, haha!

  • Bao Nguyen:

    @cruddbucket Glad to know that I still have a chance to see your Logo up in the air again Luke! You're definitely right that you can't just sit there and watch something that you have been enjoying so much "dead" like that 😀 Looking forward to see the build of the monster Goblin and the reborn of the Logo. Good luck Luke.

  • Hamish Scott:

    Hell yeah dude, that was bitchin' m/

  • cruddbucket:

    @BaoThyForever1991 Thanks dude – I have decided to fix it again. I was thinking about not fixing it and instead transferring the electric parts to the Goblin. But then I thought this heli makes me so happy, so what is a couple hundred dollars then… totally worth it :)

  • Bao Nguyen:

    Sorry about the Logo man. Are you going to fix and get it back up again or…it is not repairable anymore :(

  • Captain6pack:

    @cruddbucket Damage doesn't look too bad. Messed up some nice blades though lol. All part of the game….to bad it had to be the mikado though. Save the dumb thumbs for the 550e.Beautty flight. thanks for the link Luke.

  • cruddbucket:

    @Captan6pack Yeah Logo down! I just dumb thumbed it… shoulda beeped when instead I booped ya know… devastated as I was just enjoying it after repairing it from the first crash!
    No video sadly.. here is a picture though. smg.photobucket (dot) com/albums/v407/T00LMAN/?action=view&current=IMG_9514.jpg

  • Captain6pack:

    That thing is a beast. Logo went down?? What!? Any video of the mikados dirt nap??

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