HOW TO: Hovering a Helicopter is Hilariously Hard – Smarter Every Day 145

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Day 4 - Learning To Hover

RC Helicopter’s Day 4 flying lesson teaches you how to hover a collective pitch RC helicopter after learning the control fundamentals from day’s 3 lesson.
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16 Responses to “HOW TO: Hovering a Helicopter is Hilariously Hard – Smarter Every Day 145”

  • David:

    01:49 There is no god…?

  • Brock Serna:

    Such an awesome video. I would love to see more videos about learning how to fly.?

  • arcticmayhem:

    Are you working on getting your pilot license or was this just a bucket list thing? If you are getting your license, I hope you are getting some good footage of the progress. As a fixed wing pilot, I always enjoy seeing other people learning to fly.?

  • Alexthelion2:

    can you try flying an rc aircraft??

  • Alexthelion2:

    try flying an rc aircraft.?

  • NonsensicalSpudz:

    oh yeah obviously the woman would expect more from you :P?

  • MinecrAftX0 Blocks (Max Myzer):

    im a kid, who never wants to crash myself, but i can solve a rubics cube?

  • Daniel Gable:

    A good helicopter simulation can be found in the flight simulator X-Plane. I tend to flip the helicopter over on the side during take off and landing. Straight and level flight is easy by comparison.?

  • JeepAdventures:

    You're at Clearwater airport! Welcome to Florida! I hope you enjoyed flying over the beach and what not?

  • delcastillo1000:

    so i wonder if my theory is correct, if a fighter jet is moving at 1400 m/h then shoots a bullet that is moving 1800 m/h would the total speed of the bullet be add up to 3200 m/h??

  • Marc Hershey:

    I've never flown a real helicopter, but I do have a Blade 700x. It's something that is VERY difficult to get used to, but I'm starting to wonder, what is harder? Having complete view of the helicopter, without motion senses, or having only the front directional view of the copter, but gaining motion senses. I don't call my self a pro with RC Helicopters, but I've been flying them for 7-8 (maybe even 9) years, so I feel very comfortable. I would love to get the chance to fly a real one some day!?

  • pinpoint45:

    i love clear water, and i have been to that glass museum its beautiful!?

  • Nathan Kroeze:

    Great are the works of the LORD, Studied by all who delight in them.?

  • ProfessorTree:

    I appreciate the scripture at the end. :D?

  • Wolfgang Baumgartner:

    Are aviator glasses a requirement?

  • crafty tips:

    i tryed it with mt rc heli and it was really hard?

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