Fly V262 RC Quadcopter, Outdoor.

Quadcopter RC, WL V262 Drone. fun fly outdoor at Suropati Park, Jakarta.

2.4Ghz Transmission enables interference free operation.
Full Proportional Remote Control with Built-in 6 axis GYRO System.
Special design cover with durable material, provides more protection.
High capacity battery included, provides longer flight time.
Remote Control Distance: 100-150 Meters
Quadcopter Size: about 55 x 55 x 5cm

video by : Dini

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14 Responses to “Fly V262 RC Quadcopter, Outdoor.”

  • RAN Inti Data:

    halo mas, share juga dong kualitas fotonya.

    terimakasih mas yuda :)?

  • Joko Lelono:

    keren mas yudha, bisa ajarin tutorial utk seting transmitter'y ? biar quadcopter'y stabil di terbangin, coz say nyoba terbang gak mulus euy.., apalagi klo angin kenceng..,
    sering jatuh'y. hehe..?

  • StrigerminS FG MINS:

    good vid.?

  • Subhash Jadhav:

    Yes … flying time about 10 mins. One more- can i attach the camera for aerial photography or shouting ? If yes then i want to buy it .. pl send url where i get online this COD method OR NEFT .?

  • Subhash Jadhav:

    don't say anything.. Only say what is the flying time of fly V262 rc quadcopter?

  • nahwan nurrachim:

    bang,,itu motor nya pake apa bang??bli nya dimana??ada tutorial lengkapnya ga bang kalo mau buat???

  • jmackd1:

    can this drone lift a GoPro??

  • Connor Fourie:

    Hi my names is connor iv got the same copter as you my one does 360s?

  • rama satya:

    halo mas, mau tanya untuk di Indonesia cari RC drone seperti ini dimana ya ? 🙂 Terima kasih?

  • Shawn Long:

    At first I thought this would be a cool toy then when you took it off and I saw how heavy it was I was really upset.that protector is way too heavy for that size of the quadcopter but it looked cool..take the hull off and do another outdoor flight?

  • Ismael Gonzalez:

    How do you do the flips all I know is you got to press the top button on the right side and then what do you do ?

  • Laura Seaweed:

    1: Attach a camera.
    2: Fireproof it.
    3:Bombproof it.
    4:Scanproof it.
    5: Make it invisible.
    6: Drive to the desert.
    7: Put the batteries.
    8: Check it's condition.
    9: Recheck it.
    10: Fly it into area 51.
    11: Take the footage and post it on YouTube.
    12: Tell everyone, "It's the truth!"
    13: Don't read this.
    14: Don't do this.
    15: Bye.?

  • alvin tan:

    I want that soo badly but I have 2 quadcopter/drones?

  • William Dyer:

    I just checked out your uploaded videos and it is very weird. You have almost the exact same RC collection as I have. V262, Hubsan X4, Cheerson CX-10, and V911 copter. On the Hubsan, I also have one with the 2mp camera. I also have a Syma X1. I didn't see one on your vids, but that doesn't mean you don't have one. On another note: On this video you mentioned how you enjoyed flips. Did you know that with one press of the flip button, you can hold the stick in the direction you want to flip for multiple flips? I believe my personal best is about 10 consecutive. I stopped because I worry about stressing the motors too much. I think I have on-board video of an 8 flip flight. I may post it. Thanks for listening to me ramble.?

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