HOW TO: RC heli vs. Alligator – what happens? NOT a prank but an experiment!!

Filmed over 10 years ago and saved from oblivion: Is it possible to do Alligator “fishing” with an R/C helicopter? Croc expert and fellow R/C pilot “Dave” took us onto a trip deep into the Florida Everglades(*) to find out! (He’s an experienced animal handler BTW; none of the Crocs has been or would have been harmed, so please don’t state the contrary, it simply isn’t true)

Heli of the day was a trusty old Skyfox with wooden blades. Won’t do damage to an alligator (just in case) and wouldn’t be a real loss either should it crash into the swamp. Overall a favorite Legacy action. Time passes so quickly (sigh) …

(*) Okay okay, as some of the very sharp-eyed viewers among you have already noticed: it wasn’t filmed in Florida. But we liked the Hillbilly character so much and it fit so well that the connection made sense; so we simply put the name there. BUT: it *COULD* have been done in the Everglades, so … no reason to be mad over it 😉 Thanks and have fun watching!

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