12 Days of Tested Christmas: Favorite Starter Quadcopter

12 Days of Tested Christmas: Favorite Starter Quadcopter

Read our guide to starter Quadcopters here: http://www.tested.com/tech/473147-how-get-hobby-rc-snapshot-multi-rotor-market/

For this third day of Tested Christmas, Norm shares his pick for a starter quadcopter to learn basic flying techniques. We’ve tested several micro quads like the Estes Proto X and Heli-Max 1SQ, but the Hubsan X4 offers a sweet spot for price and flight ability. You can fly it indoors!

Learn more about the Hubsan X4 here: http://www.amazon.com/Hubsan-H107L-Mini-RTF-Quadcopter/dp/B00IZC6C8E
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16 Responses to “12 Days of Tested Christmas: Favorite Starter Quadcopter”

  • Shane White:

    I have not Flown the Hubsan but I have been around them. I personally have the Syma X11 and it works just as well if not better. Its been passed between over 5 people as a first flyer and repeatedly crashed with no prop breaks. I was extremely surprised with this but my prop guards do have some snaps on studs here and there. None the less it works great still. The Syma x11 is cheaper and has around the same flight time as the Hubsan I've seen. Also the transmitter is more comfortable (personal preference) than the Hubsan's. All around I suggest it as a first time flyer for its better price and from what I've seen better durability without letting down in performance satisfaction. Also on Amazon the version Syma x11c has a camera and is around $20 cheaper than the Hubsan version. For longer flights Ive seen a review using larger batteries like 380 Amh and 500 Amh batteries that still fit into the quadcopter battery bay. I don't know how that effects the motors though as I just ordered some to see for myself.?

  • Andrew Ziegler:

    I have the hubsan but where did you get the other one?

  • alex scott:

    This is a horrible first quadcopter. Get the blade nano QX from horizon hobby. More expensive, but will not break nearly as easily?

  • pinpoint45:

    the hubsan is really a park flyer, its very touchy to be indoors in my opinion. it deals with wind better than my hobbyzone sport cub S. does. ?

  • Juan Garcia:

    How can I buy it from the website??

  • TWorldTV:

    Syma-X5C-1 and the Cheerson CX-10 are two of the best quads to learn on. X5C has a removable HD cam, incredible stability and the cx-10 is a very sturdy, easy to fly little quad. My recommendations, anyway.?

  • willebmx:

    IT fans whit prop Gard?

  • Sam Caracha:

    I was going for blacksheep copters but I thought: well better learn the basics first. and that one was brilliant to get: cheap to repair and good to learn.for all the fpv fans: master this before you get a large one!?

  • makaveli2193:

    I had a estes proto x nano that I learned how to fly with, broke it withing a couple weeks cba to fix it just going to buy a hubsan q4?


    If u want a good cheap quad copter get a dromida they are only $40 and are nearly indestructible. ?

  • Burke Rhodes:

    I prefer the nano qx. Similar price ?

  • mtmiller1210:

    I have the Hubsan just to fly inside the house. Great little quad.?

  • Adam Gradowski:

    Blade nano qx very stable with beginner and aerobatic modes.?

  • Martin Moore:

    No need to 3D print a prop guard. It comes in the box but is hidden well (taped beneath the plastic packaging). Great little gadget!?

  • solarseraph:

    I have a couple of these. They're certainly not bad for the price. One thing not mentioned is a propeller guard, which is sold separately. It's INDEFENSIBLE when you first learn to fly (or for children), and just costs around $5. It'll save you from replacing so many props.?

  • Daniel Napast:

    My starter was the DJI Phantom 2 GoPro edition, in fact I still have it.?

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