How to fly an RC heli. Part 3: TURNING

Take your skills to the next level again by getting to grips with turning. Harder than it looks.


11 Responses to “How to fly an RC heli. Part 3: TURNING”

  • flycatchful:

    Flight simulators' are one thing but the real world is another. Been there done that.

  • Nazar:

    Thanks to this video my turning has improved! Very detailed explanation, super helpful. Thank u very much

  • shiladitya haldar:

    Thinking about all these maths during flying the heli will definitely going to crash it …..

  • Kalibasau RC:

    Very nice video Bro!!

  • Loy bots:

    It is necessary to always tap the elevator up to make the heli fly forward?

  • Martin j:

    Hi what flight simulator are u using?

  • Paulie The R.C. Guy.:

    Thank you so much for your video. I definitely subscribed and I like your videos and I’m gonna share it with a lot of other people. I love your channel. Since I’ve subscribed I’ve learned and improved my helicopter abilities. Before I seen your video my helicopter abilities really sucked. I’ve been flying helicopters for four years and I did nothing but crash. Watching your videos I have improved almost tenfold and that says a lot I’ve watched all the videos from professionals and they don’t teach like you. Keep up the good work mate.

  • Tughill RC:

    Excellent guide for first time heli pilots,enjoying your videos'??????????

  • Long Yang:

    Excellent tutorial, thank you!

  • Nisar Ahmed:

    You’re doing a brilliant job mate. Keep it up ? thanks

  • john mc maxwell:

    hello using xk k100 to learn..but it so hard to control them without auto beginner for heli rc.but drone is much easier..r some big heli is much easier to learn with?

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