GT QS8006 RC Heli

Cheap garbage ‘Toy’ Heli worth about .00 . A couple of good brands are Walkera and Twister. The Twister 400 is a great cheap Heli.
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6 Responses to “GT QS8006 RC Heli”

  • Pierre Delmotte:

    Helico indoor only ; it needs 0 km/h wind .

  • Bill Boentges:

    Wait so you telling me you bought this rc helicopter for $500, i bought the exact same one for $79 and it worked great but it came with the wrong battery so i had to order an extra battery but still worked out great.

  • jack knife:

    there's a H/L button on the remote what does that do?

  • kelvin henry:

    I got the same exact thing for 100$ and it worked just fine it flew hi
    if you want yours to work go on amazon and get another one or replace the battery,moters,reciver and it will work

  • kazek.lakiernik:

    SUPER model ?.I have got heli QS 8008.LOOK my film on Youtube: RC ?MIG?OWIEC GIGANT QS 8008. IT SUPER FLY, QS 8008 IS SUPER MODEL RC ???

  • zuditaka:

    ?? I want a pizza delivered by drone, please! ? ? ? Chomp! Chomp!

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