rc helicopter pro safety skid stabilizer

They will cut the cost of broken parts by 80 %. one hard landing, they will have paid for them self. will help beginners learn to fly by 60 % easier. They truly are the bomb !! MADE IN THE U.S.A. !!!!!!!!!!

U6 rc helicopter Sway Problem Fix.MOV

this is how to fix the sawy problem in the U6 rc helicopter skyline syma and many others as well will have the same fix for this helicopter.
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7 Responses to “rc helicopter pro safety skid stabilizer”

  • Tom N:

    I've seen these in action. Very impressive!

  • Gayuru Gunawardana:

    Pls upload a video how to set a SAMe type of motor to this
    Because mine motor is dead and I have to assemble a new motor

  • Kevys Rc & Music:

    you could have a bad battery or your pcb board is over heating or you have a bad connection on the pcb board.,.which model of skyrover heli do you have ..

  • MrKrevolution:

    Hi.My Helicopter,SkyRover model,Have some issues..Hop you,can help.
    After hours of charfing,When I Fly it for about 30 seconds,The helicopter will just turn off ..Why is that?
    Please help

  • Kevys Rc & Music:

    ok bud then the battery is done you need a new battery

  • Sandeep B:

    Ok I adjusted the pinion gears which runs my main gears.. but still the helicopter seems to flying ON and Off and the important thing to note is the blades are rotating properly but I believe the capacity to lift my helicopter is not enough somehow…

  • Kevys Rc & Music:

    if its a mini they usually have a plastic pinion gear that runs the main gear for the blades and are known to slip at times so sometimes it will fly other times it will slip and not fly, so you might need a a new or both pinion gears that attaché to the motors replaced

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