Getting into Gas Planes – Breaking in an Engine

Learn the basics of getting started in RC gas planes and how to properly break in a gas engine using Horizon’s Hangar 9 Ultra Stick.

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13 Responses to “Getting into Gas Planes – Breaking in an Engine”

  • gaming with james:

    thw ultra stick is my fav plane <3

  • Kenneth Kustren:

    SolidState ignitions, EVERY ENGINE BLOCK ever, and ….. GPS A.I. UAV POV RC…. IN ONE AIRFRAME !!

  • EHJ:

    Do a real old-time flight test.
    I learned on old McCoy diesels and escapement cranks rigs…

    Can you guys find an old rig like that anymore?


  • Anonymxs. _:

    I just got 2 planes with 1-cylinder engines. I am so lost…

  • AustinPetDetective:

    20:1 is not necessary for break in 32:1 is more than enough for lubrication and cooling. You also need a mineral based oil.

  • frabisher:

    Fyi, way to clean up a gas operated plane at the end of the day?
    BABY WIPES!!!, …no joke, ..they are awesome

  • lucian kristov:

    Gas gives you longer run times. Gas is better to me

  • rayrcman -:

    When will we see the Maiden?

  • Sebastian Lorant:

    So I'm very sure I'm going to purchase the Hangar 9 Meridian 60 over the Ultra Stick. From the reviews I have heard over the Ultrastick was the poor build quality out of factory (i.e. the aielerons dont have a flush finish to the wings due to the hinge insertions not being centered). I would greatly appreciate insight to this as all reviews I'm able to find are from 2015 or older, and finding glow/gas planes is not nearly as simple as it was 5 to 10 years ago. I had originally flown the Big stick 60 and that was my original choice however they were discontinued.

  • icin4d:

    This video is a over a year old. Has this plane ever been flown? I'm putting a DLE 35RA in my Ultra Stick.

  • Edwin K. Marshall:

    Hey fellas! I’ve been watching your videos since days of the eflite Taylorcraft! Love that lil bird. Was curious…when are you guys gonna do an actual flying video of this plane??
    Keep the awesome videos up!

  • Carson Marks:

    I hate nitro engines, actual gasoline engines are better

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