Vintage RC helicopter (1979 GMP Cricket) electric conversion Part 1

As it was expected fixed pitch heli, the control is very numb and slow. But the inertia is predictable.
Here are the recipe from 35 years ago.
No Gyro – Futaba GY401 gyro
Futaba S-48 original servos
OS Max 28H – GForce 3660 Inrunner 1650KV / 3S 2200mAh battery.
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Blade Nano CPX/S – A Beginner’s Introduction To Collective Pitch Flying is designed to help beginner helicopter pilots in a few months transition from flying co-axial or fixed pitched helis to the more challenging and aggressive collective pitch helicopters. At first glance many beginner pilots think buying a CP helicopter and firing it up is just as easy as to fly as their first helicopter, but soon they discover that not only are CP helis faster than the mind can think but they can be very dangerous with careless use.

Blade Nano CPX/S – A Beginner’s Introduction To Collective Pitch will discuss all the basics, equipment needed, and flying skills required for the heli pilot that is looking to advance his flying experience. By using the Nano CPX/S you will find an economic and safe way to learn how to fly a collective pitch helicopter that will prepare you for flying 400-600 size class helicopters.

Horizon Hobby:
Lipo Battery Document: [email protected]
Throttle Hold: See channel for video
Tenergy Charger:


20 Responses to “Vintage RC helicopter (1979 GMP Cricket) electric conversion Part 1”

  • jafar sidikspd:

    When I was born……! nice heli,..

  • Matthew Mattholew:

    Can you post some more video of it flying, maybe some forward flight? COuld you also get some close ups of the installation of the brushless motor, esc and battery? Thanks.

  • TheMattholew:

    Sounds like you have some belt slippage going on at start up. Am I right?

  • TheMattholew:

    I want to convert my Cricket to brushless as well. Can you tell me how you feel about conversion? Is the motor large enough, more Kv, less Kv? Do you think it would do better with an outrunner? Etc. thanks for posting this video by the way. Let's me know that success is possible.

  • Keith Whisman:

    Thank you so very much for your videos, you inspired me to keep going and I’ve recently went from flying my Nano CPS to the 230s and 360 CFX 3S. I’m having a great time with the only 3D flying currently being done only within the confines of my windows laptop running Real Flight 8 and Phoenix RC 5.5.

  • matrixband12:

    This video is getting old… but I really enjoyed it… Excellent presentation!! Thank You!

  • Cody Vollick:

    Hey guys. Can someone give me a hand. I can't seem to find a video for setting up my nano cpx to my DX6I Tx. So, I set it up to work with the Nano CPS. I'm not sure how different it will be. Also the only other video I saw for setting up my cpx was for the Dx8. I did not receive the instruction manual for the nano, gonna need to download it. I just need one of these two questions answered or both. Please.

  • Kevin Ooten:

    This is about the most informative tutorial I have found on the subject. This will help me and I have been flying for over a year with an Align 450 and have bought a Nano CPS to learn forward flight. THANK YOU SIR!

  • James Bonde:

    Sims can be very helpful but know this. None I've tried does translational lift. That is, say you're hovering and you push forward on your real machine. You will find that your heli will climb by itself. Airflow under the rotor disc creates more lift. This is because you are not caught up in the rotor's downwash. Moving forward, you are always encountering clean air.

    I already had flown helis for years and decided on a sim so as to practice 3D. Then I found this problem with sims. If you start with the sim first, you WILL gain some skills necessary for heli flight. However, when I tried to fly the sim, I expected the transational lift and it wasn't there. That made it harder for me to fly the sim.

    I'm speculating that if you use the sim first, you will build muscle memory for no forward lift and that may make flying the real thing more challenging for no good purpose.

    I agree with Willie that going to a small heli is a good idea, where crash damage is less likely and cheaper to deal with if it happens.

    But use the sim later, after flying the Nano until your brains fall out.

  • jonas martin:

    Hey willie I just got my mcpx and I'm having trouble making coordinated turns got any tips thanks

  • Paul Smith:

    Thanks. I really enjoyed the video. Informative. I have a Spektrum DX8G2 that I'm binding a Blade Nano CP S to. I'm also practicing on my Phoenix simulator. I'll be watching your other videos too

  • cfrankfly:

    Nice Job!

  • Domenico Esposito:

    I love ur videos. Greetings from Switzerland :)

  • colin charles:

    I have bought nano cps,  to link with Spektrum DX7s,  The book that comes with the heli shows the 7s settings , and I am flying it in safe mode ie  blue LED  but if I switch to agility Red LED  the tail motor spins constantly.  Also the 2 position switch  allows for safe and agility, so how do you switch to 3D? and what colour led would it be?    Big fan of your video's!

  • Michael Katt:

    I know it is an old video but just wanted to say good job and to let all the folks who watch it that you are giving them some great advice. I learned to fly helicopters back in the 90's on a Kyosho Nexus 30 (glow fuel)  with a rate gyro (ie no heading lock/hold) actually I still have it but I have upgraded the gyro. My best advice to anyone wanting to fly helicopters of any kind is to learn to hover in every orientation before proceeding to forward flight and I mean a prolonged hover not just a quick 10 second hover, more like a 10 minute hover. It took me a better part of a summer to get really good at hovering so be patient. Thanks for sharing !

  • BierzeItboxer:

    Hi! Very nice vid! Most of the "pros" forget how it was to be a beginner. I started to learn flying again, but on a used mCP X in good condition, but without sim. Since Windows 10 my old DX7 or the sims don`t work properly… But it works. After a month and 100 Battery I can hover looking at it from the back and the sides and fly a around. 3D until next season xD

  • Michael Johnson:

    Willie, the way your swashplate seaperated was happening on my blade 120s every time I went flying. It got to the point a rough landing would make it do that. I changed it to a microheli one. My only upgrade besides batteries.

  • Khaleel Abdussallaam:

    What simulator do you have in video

  • Medarr Amarr:

    Hey Willie what do you think about the Goblin Speed?

  • Joel Broadbent:

    What simulator do you use?

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