Evaluate Mode 1 & 2 For RC Heli 3D Flying

Capture flying record from Eklund090102 to see how advantaging of mode2.


4 Responses to “Evaluate Mode 1 & 2 For RC Heli 3D Flying”

  • r32liner:

    I fly mode 1 and am just learning 3d piros are not a problem ail tick tocks however are a bit tricky

  • ej1899:

    Ohh, not my skill to fly like that, its a well spread record for PhoenixRC. Making this is to see how easy that mode 2 can bring to piros.
    I felt Realflight is a little bit laggy and slicker in my pc, PhoenixRC is a little better at that.

  • lindajjc:

    ?????????? ~~

  • KGTmcwood:

    I thought you are one of Realflight users, use PhoenixRC also?

    and i surprised watching your flight in PhoenixRC Trex600n, is it you? the pilot…
    In the vid the pilot good at ' Wall of death ' the highest trick of 3D….lol

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