How to Control a Helicopter : Helicopter Flight Controls Explained

How to understand the controls of a helicopter?
Today we are going to teach you how to understand the controls of a helicopter.
Friends before learning how to fly your helicopter, it is absolutely essential to familiarize yourself with the helicopter components and controls.
It is important that you read your individual aircraft’s operating handbook.

Note: This is just a guide towards understanding the operational controls of your airplane.
This doesn’t give you any authority or certification to fly a helicopter.
It is highly recommended that you go through proper training with your instructor before flying.

In the next video, we will teach you to take off and land the helicopter.

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This video is planned and made with the intention of expanding knowledge and raising awareness. Engaging with any sort of vehicle be it on-road, water, or aerial requires rigorous training and continued practice which can only be attained through proper training from a certified institution.
We discourage the use of this material as a manual for any sort of vehicle or aircraft.
Watching this video, in no way, makes you capable of operating any vehicle unless you’ve acquired proper training and a license.
We recommend that you contact the respective department in your country to learn more about getting proper training and acquiring a license.
Always refer to the instruction manual of the particular model of vehicle before operating it.

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