First look FLY SKY FS-T6 6 channel computer RC transmitter

Got this radio system about 2 weeks ago and just now testing the system, so far seems like it may be a keeper. I need to get it flying to see how it really w…

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13 Responses to “First look FLY SKY FS-T6 6 channel computer RC transmitter”

  • RcGaba27:

    Hello!!! will it bind to the orange rx they sell on hobbyking?

  • Vinny Turpin:

    no but if you get the Th9x which is the 9ch for 30 bux more the module in
    back is swichable simply buy a orange module plug it in then bind with
    orange rx its simple

  • mathew1224:

    Can you bind this to the WL Toys V911?

  • nathan russell:

    yes. in fact this is what i bought this receiver for

  • Joe Mountford:

    Hi, did you get around to testing this system in flight if so how did it
    perform, Joe

  • CastleWoodsRC:

    Are there any 3 position switches?

  • PHM00:

    Well I pulled the batteries out, put them back and powered up, seems to
    still have the programming I did. Granted I had done very little at this
    point but set up and fly a 4 channel airplane. Next I am going to program a
    6 channel heli, I will make a video of that and pull the batteries to see
    if settings stay. Thanks for the input!!

  • PHM00:

    Sorry no, the orange rx is for DSM2 like the Spektrum line of transmitter
    and is not compatible with the Fly Sky.

  • Vinny Turpin:

    great for 6ch heli

  • James Woodsrc:

    it doesn’t do every time , i lost all my sitting like 3 times so far and it
    will go to mode 1 so be very careful when u plug your heli.[ good flying ]

  • James Woodsrc:

    every time i charge my batteries i lose my setting do this happens to u

  • chris t:

    so how did the fly sky transmitter do well you tested the flight on it i
    want to no if it binds well with other recievers i want to no if is
    something that i should get for the price.

  • David Medlock:

    Thanks for your excellent review! I’m a teacher starting a high school club
    and think that we may go with this one.

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