CB-180D fixed pitch RC Helicopter

Me doing some rounds on the CB-180D fixed pitch RC Helicopter over at Larry Hartwick ‘s place.

Review Page: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1803090 Product Page: http://www.tmart.com/Wltoys-V912-4-Channel-2.4GHz-LCD-Remote-Control-Singl…
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12 Responses to “CB-180D fixed pitch RC Helicopter”

  • rchelicopterselect:

    nice rc helicopter

  • ProperSkill:

    So turning it off then binding it back up again (without touching the
    sticks) fixed the problem for you? Thats not working, my v912 turns right
    no matter how careful you bind it lol.

  • tigertom53:

    you have to review the big wltoy heli v913?

  • Fyre SG:

    If you could, check out the forum thread (URL is in the video description).
    It is difficult to discuss the problem in YouTube.

  • 77psyco77:

    thanx to night flyyer heli skunkworks joe handsome armatton spelled alot of
    these wrong but u kno who u are thanx guys tis fun with your help

  • Fyre SG:

    No idea, but you may find out from the discussions over at the review
    thread at RCgroups.

  • Fyre SG:

    Can you post your question in the review thread at RCgroups?

  • BolusInfernalis:

    Yes I will! Thank you for your reply 🙂

  • Steve Vandeveer:

    how does this heli handle wind conditions compared to the mjx f645 or
    double horse 9116

  • ProperSkill:

    These helis have a trim problem! My v912 and my friends new v912 both turn
    right with the trim set all the way left. It’s binded on level ground, and
    has never been crashed. I am a very experienced rc pilot and can tell when
    there’s a problem. How can I fix this???

  • BolusInfernalis:

    Hi, 2 questions: Do you know where I can find how to learn to level the
    servos and swachplate? And would you recommend this heli to a v911 user who
    does’nt know how to level a swachplate? Thx for the vid!

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