MJX F46 RC Helicopter Flybar Mod to Stabilize High Speed Flight.

So out of the box my MJX F46 had an odd problem where at high speed it would lose control almost completely. On closer inspection it looked like the flybar w…
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7 Responses to “MJX F46 RC Helicopter Flybar Mod to Stabilize High Speed Flight.”

  • Simon Hahnel:

    Other than the flybar mod it is stock standard.?

  • Luca V:

    Hi guys, I’ve reduced the weight of the flybar from 26 to 21 grams and i’ve
    achieved the same results! It’s clearly evident that the problem of the MJX
    helicopters is the excessive gyroscopic effect induced by the flybar, so
    you may resolve it reducing the lenght or the weight of it! Thank Simon for
    your video! ?

  • Ruslan Asanov:

    I think what you did is shorten the arms of flybar therefore less
    stabilizing weight. you can achieve the same by making weights smaller?

  • Martin Comprendio:

    nice fly..did you upgrade it???

  • Jack Schlachter:

    Could you please state how you did the mod? How many inches did you bend it
    and where? Thanks?

  • ZEX Rasko:

    What do you think, mjx f45 main motor on mjx f46? Have you been thinking
    about that. I’ve seen a lot of successful replacement of the main motor
    (f45 on V912), that why I’m asking…????

  • Luca V:

    Hi Simon, it’s clearly evident the improvement you’ve reached with this
    modification. I fly with an MJX F-45 and i can’t reach this speed,
    moreover when i reach a good speed and pull up or turn fast i lose the
    control of the hely. i presumed that the cause is the gyroscopic effect of
    the flybar that occurs when the heli reaches a roll angle or a pitch angle
    that detemines an inclination of the flybar. For this reason i’ve think to
    reduce the weight or the lenght of the flybar in order to reduce this
    effect. Your mod reduces the lenght of the flybar very little, so i’m not
    sure of what’s the correct theory, if the gyroscopic effect or the
    propwash. Maybe the F-45 and F-46 have different problems, so i want to ask
    you: when you were flying at high speed, the loss of control occured when
    rolling/pitching or it occured also flying straight? And before your mod,
    could the heli reach the speed that it has in this video?
    Thank a lot for the help and sorry for my bad English?

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