Best Budget RC Heli: WLtoys V911 4 Channel RC Helicopter Review – Close Up

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10 Responses to “Best Budget RC Heli: WLtoys V911 4 Channel RC Helicopter Review – Close Up”

  • coffeefish:

    The battery upgrade is not necessary. It's a fun heli at a low price, but everything is very cheap. Next time I'll spend a little more. No regrets though, for the money it's good fun.?

  • Sergej Nadaždin:

    on my homemade heli, i used gravity trick (weight on a motor) to Control the pitch and roll on my heli. it works!?

  • Sergej Nadaždin:


  • varun jayavelu:

    is this your first heli??

  • Stick It To Them:

    The Li-po Battery stop working on my airwolf copter so when I went to recharge the battery the battery would not charge up so people becareful not to buy these new toys cause alot of new toy complanies are ripping off people for they money?

  • Grewal Rulz:

    Hi i just bought this heli .. and my pcb burnt at second flite .. can you tell what is number of small ic . Help me . ?

  • Zeke W.:

    Broke my fly bar and lost the screws…. ?

  • Igor Nizovcow:

    Whot colour? ?

  • Tom M:

    So as I mentioned below, I purchased this Heli recently and just got around to opening the box, charged up the battery and flew it.  Its great! Excellent transmitter, a nice updated from ones without an LCD display (still finding out all its functions), great charging unit, and overall good quality.  It flies very easily and responsive in all 4 channels.  Its quick so I recommend just start out with basic moves.  I’ve read several positive reviews. My only regret is that I didn’t purchase this sooner and instead went with another 4CH that was junk.  I recommend this Heli to anyone looking for a 4CH heli experience.  Very satisfied.  By the way, WL Toys makes great products.  I have 2 other WL 3channel Helis and this one is another good product by this company.  Go for it! ?

  • Tom M:

    Excellent review. Very detailed. Good to see. I will be ordering this heli based on what I've seen. I have another WL product and seems to me they are the best manufacturers out there. Excellent quality. I also like the fact it comes with 2 batteries, good charging unit, and transmitter. As you mentioned, the whole package is impressive. I have the Hero RC 911, also 4ch. I havent flown it yet but it's also highly rated and comes with what looks like exactly the same components as this one. Same transmitter too. ?

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