WLtoys V931 AS350 Brushless Tri-Blade 6 Channel 3D Scale Helicopter

WLtoys V931 AS350 Brushless Tri-Blade 6 Channel 3D Scale Helicopter

Get the Helicopter Here: http://www.xheli.com/28h-wlv931-as350.html

The WL Toys V931 is a 6 channel collective pitch 3D capable scale type helicopter. It is powered by a brushless 11000kv main motor and a brushed tail motor. It is equipped with a triple blade billet rotor head which produces awesome lift and power enabling 3D flight. The flight board utilizes a 6 axis gyroscope with features such as hover debugging, 3D and 6G axis modes, and mode transitioning. These features allow this helicopter to hover and fly with extreme stability. The 2.4ghz transmitter ensures interference free connection with pilot and aircraft and also features a high and low dual rate adjustment for changing of flight character.

The most stand out aspect of the WL Toys V931 is its scale fuselage. A beautiful composite construction resembles the full scale Eurocopter AS350. This model of helicopter is used from military to fire fighting and anything in between. This is the same helicopter that brings extreme snow sports to the top of the highest mountains. This model of helicopter also holds the highest take off and landing for any helicopter.

The new WL Toys V931 AS350 is an awesome mini version of the full size. A great tribute to such an awesome record achieving helicopter. The package comes with a 2.4ghz transmitter, two 500mah 3.7v lithium batteries and charger, extra blades, and main gear setting up the pilot for hours upon hours of joyful flight entertainment, it doubles as a great static model when not in use as well!

Length : 275mm
Height : 80mm
Weight : 78g
Main Blade Length : 276mm
Tail Rotor Blade Diameter : 57mm
Battery Specification : 3.7V 500mAh 20C
Flight time : 5-7 minutes
Gyroscope : 6-Axis
Main Motor : Brushless Motor 1106
Tail Motor : Brushed Motor 8520

The package includes :
– 1 x WL Toys V931 Tri-Blade Rotor Helicopter
– 1 x 2.4Ghz 6-Channel Transmitter
– 2 x 3.7V 500mah 20C L-Po Battery
– 1 x USB Charger
– 1 x Spare main blade set (3 pcs)
– 1 x Tail Rotor
– 1 x Accessories set

Required to Fly:
4 AA Batteries
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18 Responses to “WLtoys V931 AS350 Brushless Tri-Blade 6 Channel 3D Scale Helicopter”

  • Meet One YT:

    Is this remote add with helicopter.

  • Miguel Salami:

    Still flying RC or did you move up to the Big Ones??

  • Tomesse&Mimiko&Toddy:

    Czy kto? mo?e mi pomóc???!!!, mam ten helikopter jaki? czas temu straci?em nad nim kontrol?, poniewa? odbi?o si? od dachu, wy??czy?em aparature z paniki, by?o tylko zepsute tylne ?mig?o, od tego czasu po obróceniu obraca si? wokó? w?asnej osi, Wymieni?em wszystko, co mo?liwe! Ca?y regulator silnika, esc i problem wyst?puje nadal Pozdrawiam z Polski

  • Abdullamishab:

    this one Available in india?

  • Dave Day:

    Those things you talk about apply to the twin engined version, not the single engined version modelled here.

  • Robert Kelly:

    Looks like a nice heli to me. I might get one as long as it is durable, not like the V912 having to buy a trillion new bloody brushed motors cos they get too HOT!!!! waiting for them to be delivered!!!
    Brushless motors are way better, more durable. This heli looks OK for indoor flying sessions.

  • Pintu sahu:

    plz price

  • Bagonk Balap:

    do the tail rotor motor are brushless too?

  • Gabriel Hernández:

    México City ¿Donde lo puedo adquirir? Gracias y feliz año 2018

  • Yavor Kaloyanov:

    I had this heli and the concept is awesome but the build quality is the worst i have seen in my entire life , also i replaced chargers two times , then something else broke and i gave up and sold it….

  • Breno brenmo:

    eu quero arrumar um helicóptero bom e barato

  • Thrashaero:

    flipping this heli is easier than it looks since it has a heavy looking body to it, it is fairly quick. but it's also not quite as quickly as a dedicated 3d heli. it is a bit under powered for hard 3d anyway, but can do flips and rolls fairly easily. i wish the batteries were bigger somehow. the stock ones don't last long at all.

  • Andre Miller:

    Where is the trim and how do you use it?

  • D. Berry:

    X-helicopter: Would you guys do all of us English speakers a favor, and properly TRANSLATE that V966 TX manual for us? Especially the "Hover Debugging" feature, as the instructions are extremely difficult to understand, and I am having a horrible time with it.

    FYI: Making it available as a .pdf file via email would be fantastic!

  • nerville BRUDEY:

    super  machine j' adore merci à toute l' équipe

  • Apro:

    Is this a good beginner heli?

  • Gabriel Rocha:


  • coldude09:

    It's a shame the tail motor isn't brushless too

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