Air Hogs Fly Crane RC helicopter Review

Read the review at Unbiased, independent test of the Air Hogs Fly Crane RC helicopter by Spin Master.


21 Responses to “Air Hogs Fly Crane RC helicopter Review”

  • jalyn epps:

    when i try to pull the heli up? the perpelas spin but it doesnt go up what do i do?

  • David Jenkins:

    Mine is terrible to fly, how do you get it to fly like? that?

  • soontobeengineer:

    It’s actually harder to fly without anything attached because it just shoots straight? up in the air. It’s very overpowered.

  • Zion Theodoroplouls:

    This ting sucks I? wasted $40.

  • jay ish:

    Hello my friend has one of these and? the heli went up and hit smothing and now the heli will fly but it spins around and around, what would be the cause?

  • MrFukingGamer:

    You are an? ignorant fuck …

  • GenevaRob72:

    Does anyone have any recharging hacks? I’d love to figure out a way to get it to recharge via an AC outlet rather than draining the batteries? as a recharging “station.” Otherwise, this is a fantastic toy for my kids who are playing the hell out of the thing so far….

  • Luqman Hakim:

    Theres one heli similar to this, it has crane, but it’s again,3ch channel gyro, by silverlit. I? think silverlit should be better

  • Dawid Sobik:

    you actually can when you have a basket or something like that when you go down a bit and go? forward .

  • Dawid Sobik:

    well its better if its off but i can be on? but i recommend you turn it off.

  • Alexendria Wilson:

    When you charge it does it have to be? on or off?

  • Billy Anthony:

    Stupid? 11 year-old.

  • Tyler Spaulding:

    I picked? one up for $3.99 at my local Goodwill :) I also get a 10% discount. It didn’t come with the crane hook or baskets, but according to this, it’s harder to fly it with those. I’d say it was an all around good buy…now for the boat load of batteries :/

  • johny1220:

    i might return my other havoc? heli and get this plus i use to have this and nice review

  • Ruben Campos:

    The problem with it is that you can’t stop to pick something up? it should be three channel

  • billfusionenterprise:

    design flaw , buy? someone elses, radio shack propel is a good one

  • billfusionenterprise:

    Return it go buy the radio shack tv heli, its 100 times? better

  • unscspartangs83:

    Sir!! The patient died!! What the report sais?? Sir the pilot drained the? energy source of the helicopter we went back to shore for fuel and when we went back to the rescue the patient suffered from extreme hypothermia

  • Noa VanderVeer:

    u can retract the crane while u have the? basket it helps

  • keros marquez:

    it? only came with on rescue basket for me :)

  • V10gallarado202:

    lol im british?

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