?HD?Best RC Helicopters Christmas 2012 – Overview

Best RC Helicopters Christmas 2012 – Overview. Based on many emails and inquiries over the years, we are doing a Best RC Helicopters Christmas of 2012 overview to help buyers select an appropriate helicopter as a Christmas present. In this video we feature the Blade mCX, the Blade mSR and the Blade 120 SR.

All three of these RC helicopters are relatively inexpensive and fairly easy to learn to fly. As such they can make a great gift sitting under the tree on Christmas morning!

Blade 120 SR Beginner’s Guide Playlist:

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19 Responses to “?HD?Best RC Helicopters Christmas 2012 – Overview”

  • conor sweeney:

    were can i buy the blade scout cx online?

  • cnbsdad:

    Thank you much for the video.  A thumbs up for ya!?

  • RC Helicopter:

    Hi, plz watch my rc helicopter review too…?

  • CrazyHeliDude:

    Thumbs up.?

  • Emi The Artist:

    i want a helicopter :-)?

  • Marc Bulva :

    Let me ask a question if u were looking to but a big good elect. 4 change fixed pitch heli and money don't really matter what would it be?

  • LumioSoleth:

    Yeah, I meant the mSR. Also, is it necessary to purchase a dx6i right at the start, or is it possible to learn how to fly the mSR with the radio included in the RTF version? Thanks a lot for your responses, only started flying coaxial a few months ago, and I'm loving it, but looking for a better challenge with something that is somewhat resistant.?

  • LumioSoleth:

    Hey Rob, quick question for you, what parts should i buy wlong with my MCR as a beginner? I've been trying to find a "beginner repair kit" online, but can't seem to find any decent info. Thanks!?

  • Ceddie Smith:

    Hey Rob I really enjoy your videos each one is very informative . Anyway I purchased all of the Helis in the video and, all of them are very fun and easy to fly. I also recently picked up the Blade Scout CX more less something to add to my fleet helis. I noticed that you didn't metion it but, do you recommend the Blade Scout CX as good helicopter to start with or, is it pretty much a toy along the lines as the Air Hog and the rest of "Mall kiosk" vender helicopters??

  • Justin Berke:

    Go Noles.?

  • Alan Pyatt:

    Using the Pheonix V4 has shown me that a Blade SR is my current limit, I will then move on to the Trex 250 then 450. I have also bought a training kit for when I start using my Trex450. There is a fly-in session in a very large hall in a week that I will go to to see how other fly and to meet some people in the hobby. I am trying to find out if the Trex450 has a beginner mode as that may turn down some of it's high performance & speed to make it more manageable. Do you know if anything exists? ?

  • Alan Pyatt:

    I wish I had seen this review about a week ago as I may have chosen the 120SR to start with as a newbie. To get into the hobby I did what I thought was good research & my first Heli came down to the Blade 450 RTF & the Trex 450 Pro RTF. I bought the Trex which is a great Heli but just powerful to begin with. I also bought he Pheonix V4 RC Sim which I am using to put on practice & it has proven to me that the Trex450 is too powerful & even the Trex 250 is causing me control issues. Lesson learnt ?

  • William Bynum:

    Hey Rob, great video! The one thing you forgot to say about the msr is that it is officially out of circulation at horizon. That happened after the msrx came out, which means parts will become a little more scarce as time goes on.
    Sad thing because the msr is such an awesome heli.?

  • Michael Shibilski:

    These are pretty expensive compared to the Syma s107, how would you compare the s107 to these helicopters??

  • Lauris Bee:

    Thank you for this video.
    How about battery life, I have syma S107. Do all of them have to be charged for an hour and only about 7 min usage,,,,,,, which ones have longer battery life?
    any battery upgrades?

  • BennyTheJett1:

    Outstanding presentation Rob!?

  • bobbymalta73:

    Thks for sharing!?

  • WalkInMyShoes:

    Great video, Ill be sure to pass this on to friends looking for a beginner heli. ?

  • Mantis:

    Can you make a video breaking down what the switches do on the 6ch remotes I'm about to upgrade to the blade Sr and would like a tutorial.. Thanks?

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