HeliPal.com – WL V922 Micro CP Helicopter Test Flight

http://www.helipal.com/wl-v922-micro-cp-helicopter.html Looking for some challenge and a economic helicopter? Try this WL Toys V922 palm size CP helicopter A…
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16 Responses to “HeliPal.com – WL V922 Micro CP Helicopter Test Flight”

  • HeliPal:

    Yes, you can but if you really want to learn flipping, V922 may not a good choice. After learning? with V922, you may not able to learn how to flip correctly with other models in the future.

  • Andrieux Querido:

    Can you show how to turn them like? that???

  • rcmodelr:

    Can it fly inverted without flipping the invert switch? It’s better to learn inverted without the switch so when? advancing to 3D tumbles, etc., you get used to simply moving throttle/collective correct directions instead of having to remember “Going inverted not… Gotta flip the switch… Going back upright now…. Gotta remember to flip the… OOPS!!! TOO LATE!!!”

  • venn105:

    To add just in case dont know it has a switch so can fly inverted without controls being opposite so can practice? flying upside down etc easier before more advanced 3d.

  • venn105:

    Just? bought one,agree with other comment,v911 i think is a great little copter,this is next step,if order from hong kong then its around £50 which is great value.Parts are cheap and recommendations are spare boom,drive gear and landing gear.All in about £5 delivered for parts……….Good thing too with it being small and light(is heavier than the 911) withstand my poor flying skills a bit better than a 200 or more size copter lol

  • Sirricardo6:

    NO FLIPS -? WHY?
    This is suspicious.

  • icantellfakefromreal:

    he probably hand launches it? upside down

  • noevirgen15:

    hey I wonder if you? can provide me 05h100 quadcomter it and searched but I can not find

  • sona tra:

    I? really like it….

  • R3L72:

    HeliPal, Great review video’s as Always! Looking forward to? more on this little Heli.

  • MrCpmboy:

    yup…no confusion abt that….got 3 450s on board…but no dummy mode in? each he he he…:)

  • Avery Kucan:

    It sounds confusing, but once you get into RC stuff, it’s pretty fun. CP helis can do some crazy stunts, like roll over and over, loop,? etc.

  • Avery Kucan:

    Also, with CP helis, the throttle and collective are separate. In idle up mode, the blades spin full speed the whole time. Center stick is middle. Up stick changes the angle of the blade, and so it goes up. Center stick is? no throttle, but the blades are still spinning. Push the stick down past half way, and it pushes the heli down (To fly inverted)

    When you switch idle up mode off, it turns into normal mode, where the angle is set to 75%, and then the throttle controls the speed once again.

  • Avery Kucan:

    Of course! It just reverses the controls! If you let go, it will crash. Flying a heli inverted is hard. It’s almost as hard as balancing? a pencil on the tip of your fingers. Most helis, when you let go, they center. CP helis, with adjustable pitch, when you let go, they stay exactly in the orientation they were in.

  • MrCpmboy:

    do you still have control while? in that mode?….

  • Avery Kucan:

    It’s a little switch thing. You press it, and it reverses rudder, and? elevator as long as it’s held. This lets you fly inverted without reversing controls.

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