HeliPal.com – UDI U13A Mini Spy Helicopter w/Gyro Test Flight


“The reliable agent, the name you can trust” – Presenting the Udi U13A Mini Spy Helicopter
The U13A is a Spying Helicopter with Co-Axial Rotor Head Structure specially made for beginners. It has a 300,000 pixel camera on broad, located underneath the Heli frame, right under the belly, it is controlled thru the ON/OFF switch on the transmitter, you can press to start the shooting and shut if off thru the transmitter, it’s easy. The storage media is a Micro SD Card, which is included in the package, a 1GB Micro SD Card, it’s more than enough to shoot for each flight. For the helicopter structure, it is a Co-Axial Rotor Head design, the most stable design in all RC helis, specially made for beginners and very durable because of the light weight of the heli. The Udi U13A combines a built-in Camera and the great stability Heli structure, it can shoot some funny video like exploring the house and rooms, or examining the condition of your roof or surprise your kids upstairs from outside the windows…. just make sure the location has wind-less, it can do a pretty good job. This toy helicopter is designed for anyone over 8 years old, flight time is around 5-6 minutes after 20-30 minutes charging. It can fly in 6 directions.

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17 Responses to “HeliPal.com – UDI U13A Mini Spy Helicopter w/Gyro Test Flight”

  • Nawal Khetan:

    very nice?

  • cintu lator:

    Oh my..if I ever had a such spying toy when I was little..?

  • Olivier Amusan:

    il est très maniables?

  • Glenn Wilkinson:

    I've just bought one of these. what's the maximum sd card you can use please.?

  • Batuhan ylmzr:

    kameradaki görüntüyü nereye veriyor?

  • meggamanic:

    I fly mine out side, but there has to be no wind, other wise it will take off with the wind , I was thinking a more powerful tail rotor motor might help the forward and directional travel performance by increasing the front rotor tilt?

  • Dilham Did raj:

    I had one its ok but it cant fly out side?

  • welington supra:


  • Salah Nadim:

    free chop :D?


    whats the range??

  • Jaiden Makhoul:

    How can you spy with all of that noise.

  • Wolfspirit32768 2:

    I unscrewed a little piece of metal off the tail, and now it hovers GREAT ! just use it inside, or outside with absolotely no wind 🙂 its a GREAT helicopter ! i love it ! :D?

  • Wolfspirit32768 2:

    I bought this too, mine goes backward fast, and when i put a slight forward to it, it goes fast forward. impossible to fly. I hope my bigger one is better and will hover steady in the air.?

  • Alpay Sabri:

    Cool ?

  • Sarah Nadeem:

    This is like my 1st ever helicopter i broke my brothers once but that one was like a practice helicopter the tail of the heli is not good and many many crashes took place i cant make it like turn properly i am 13 and need to know how to use ot properly?

  • anesh singh:

    i have a question does this heli make a lot of noise or just a little??

  • Esclusivia:

    I've decied to try to fly min RC Mini helicopter. Is not so easy! First fligh = lot of crash (if u want u can see the video on my channel here), i think is funny, but really not so easy! If u want write me some suggestions on my video, iwill try to follow it the next time (and i will make the second video!) :-)?

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