GW Xieda 9958 4-channel micro RC helicopter review

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21 Responses to “GW Xieda 9958 4-channel micro RC helicopter review”

  • rcgladiator31tb:

    Very? good but by wl toys v911

  • Milan Kragujevi?:

    should I get one? I’m bored with Syma and their coaxial slow helicopters, and I’ve flown about coaxial an 3 fixed pitch MICRO 2ch helicopters (picooz and others). how well does it handle the sucking effect when you are? near a wall?

  • tigertom53:

    wl toys has great helicopters you should do reviews on the v911, v912? or v913,, the also have a really nice all in one rc car L959 2.4GHz 1:12 Scale

  • Jonathan Destine:

    is the xieda 9958 har? to fly or easy

  • Jonathan Destine:

    your the coolest guy that has the best? helicopters

  • TheDoubleg94:

    Thanks for the review. I heard the 9958 is made by the same company? that does the v911. I’d be interested in a comparison if you’re so inclined.

  • Efraim132:

    I was quite disappointed? because i couldn’t even link the controller to the heli. We read the manual quite a few times and it didn’t work

  • Ted Backs:

    No.? Castle 2028.

  • ObYagTxha:

    hey UltimateRCnetwork, check the (u-shape)part where it hold/slide the swashplate pin see if it centered where it meet the main frame. just got mine from nitroplanes. ofb the heli looks uneven.? left servo arm is much too high. found that part i was talking about to be off to the right. dono if its designed that way or just bad molding. forward flight is much stronger while hardly any power on backward. hope u still got this heli 😛

  • ObYagTxha:

    nice vid?

  • ulujm:

    could you do? the 9938 review thanks

  • onelife46:

    Cheaper blade? msr?

  • demovampire99:

    How can you tell when you are in? beginner or expert mode?

  • faheem ahmed:

    the blades are fragile

  • Paul Gutierrez:

    that happens? to me too :S

  • Paul Gutierrez:

    no momba monstah? for jang this time lol

  • Paul Gutierrez:

    it went like the video? on the first day, but since then it has been a disaster… :'( :(

  • Paul Gutierrez:

    who can help me i’ve got a gw xieda 9958, it flown well the first day, then the second i took the weighs on the flybar out to see what happened, it was horrible (since im new and this is my second hell after the mcx) so i put them back, but now it doesnt fly as well, it seems to have a mind of its own, it starts spinning and going to the left side in the air, and if i try to change direction it just looses? control, who can help me? Is my flybar unbalanced?

  • Paul Gutierrez:


  • Shun Qiang Ng:

    u mentioned that this is not a helicopter to begin with if i am new. what would u recommend? (anyway i have bought this and found trouble? flying it around indoors.)

  • kester yeo:

    I love all of your video but? I think I will like 3 Channel rc heli than 4 or 2 channel rc heli. Good job anyway.

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