First hover (attempt) with Exceed Falcon 40 V2 RC Helicopter

After practicing about three weeks with my Big Lama coaxial helicopter I thought I go to the next level: Single Rotor Fixed Pitch helicopters! The advantage is that they are better for outdoor flying and since I got a little bit annoyed by the limitations of my Big Lama, I ordered a brand new Exceed Falcon 40 V2! I got it today and practiced some indoor hovering. Let me tell you, this is a lot harder then on the coaxial helicopter. So if you’re thinking about getting into RC helicopter, I would strongly suggest you start with a coaxial and not with a fixed pitch single rotor helicopter.


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  • William Latour:

    ok it hought mine flew? like shit but i guess it is just they way these fly.

  • Jason Blaylock:

    Dude… U should have gotten the esky? honey bee v2 instead. It’s so much better! But o well. Nice hovering just don’t use as big of stick movements. Try and use tiny movements. I know it’s hard. I was in ur position a year or so ago.

  • TheEddiedz:

    I been flying a coaxial 3ch for a few months, so easy, I want to purchase a 4ch heli next and the falcon 40v2 is going to? be my choice, Im already expecting to start learning fresh on that falcon as EVERYONE says its a whole nother ball park going from 3ch coaxial to 4ch fixed pitch, cant wait.

  • Jose luis EL Puma Rodriguez:

    man u did 100% better than me am going to put a video up soon,? have not tried it out side yet. but cant wait

  • Matt Bradley:

    dude this chopper is awesome i just got? it and im doing alright its much harder than the simulator

  • edwin4759:

    u’re getting better by the minute dude… i broke mine on the first flight but repaired it and i have the best of fun.. yeah this? is way much harder to fly then the co axial… and the two channels are boring

  • Motorsports7:

    I’ve practiced? for a two weeks on a rc simulator and adjusted my falcon 40 just right and it flies awesome

  • flarganyagerman:

    did u ever ajustthe trim? it cold make everything a bit easier to do aspecally hovering. you dont need to? use as much sticklit contols

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