Exceed RC Falcon 40 RC helicopter flying (worth watching!)

hi, here I am flying the Exceed Falcon 40 2.4GHZ RTF fixed pitch helicopter the day after Easter. I made the video with windows movie maker. (my nephew Waylon Allen showed me how!) thanks for watching and God Bless***** Gary ;-D
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  • Dji Argentina:


  • Dji Argentina:

    What is fixed pitch??

  • Bryan Draper:

    Good video, i had this heli when i was younger and you've inspired me to blow the dust off and get it flying again?

  • jackson joulles:

    Now isn't that thing a collective pitch? I got the same one and well i thought i could just go ahead and fly the thing, this is not the case. It was a HUGE disaster. The thing went bonkers spinning all over the kitchen hitting stuff off the counter my dog went nuts barking and bitting at it my wife was yelling at me. All i wanted was a fun toy to fly around like these guys on you tube like you. Maybe i will start putting vids on here and act like i know whats goin on and have the whole thing on video let ppl post comments like……….idk……?

  • Gary Flymore:

    thanks! ;-D

  • ronald black:

    looks cool…nice video.

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