Double Horse 9104 RC helicopter review, modifications, mods first time setup

The Double Horse 9104 RC helicopter is only 550mm prolonged, and is not 710mm extended as mentioned on the box. It did not fly forward with out modifications but the mods are straightforward sufficient to do from residence and this helicopter is more quickly and a lot more enjoyable and tough to fly than the smaller sized SYMA indoor RC I have. Acquire right here – isles Clay – kingdom
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18 Responses to “Double Horse 9104 RC helicopter review, modifications, mods first time setup”

  • Otis Wilson:

    dude very good video. just bought one of these? and couldnt figure out why the damn thing gave me issues flying forward…..ill try these mods..thx

  • DeerParkAuto:

    Good Job….Very Clear and Excellent Information. Keep up the good? work!!

  • DrMrSuperAwesomeGuy:

    If I can get this helicopter for about $50.00(that includes shipping), would you say it’s? worth it?

  • rtalbott7:

    Excellent information to start with …thank? you….

  • BehindTheTutorials:

    They should really tell you these things before we buy :( its really NOT “ready to fly”?

  • Marcusblade:

    wish I knew this before I broke mine trying to fly it LOL ? seems everyone has to same problem with this companys Heli’s Ill spend the extra money to get a decent Heli

  • Jx1x3:

    I wish? someone did a review like yours but with a 9116

  • jackwilliams567:

    it says in the description that it has clockwise and counter clockwise rotation and i? cant figure out what that does. do you know?

  • barte226:

    oddly, i a? moving from coaxial (collective pitch) to this

  • barte226:

    would? putty work aswell

  • barte226:

    the drifting is probably your trim
    my double horse 9053 also suffers? from short range

  • jspcrepair2008:

    Excellent tutorial and review – but… Why does everyone say the length is wrong?
    The box says 710mm but everyone is saying it is shorter…

    It is not a misprint – the length is actual length when measuring? from the Tip of the Main Rotor Blade to the Tip of the Tail Blade if both blade sets are put in their farthest out-stretched position.

    I bought one of these recently and measured it and it comes? out to nearly 28 Inches.
    710mm = 27.95 inches.

    Other than that — Excellent Tutorial… :)?

  • zombiehuppy:

    great idea on the weight and servo.? Cheers bud

  • timw1959:

    Good Info.Mine keeps loseing the signal at about 75 feet.It seems to? lose it and make a controled decent and land??I have the wire stretched out but still same problem?Any ideas?

  • stereomind23:

    Instead of adding weight to the nose cone, could you not install a larger, heavier battery, and slide it forward a bit??

  • TheDonis88:

    hey i want to ask how mutch? weight can lift this helicopter ? 100 grams is posible ? i’am waiting for my 9104 =] and iam thining about another battery who is more powerfull and for longer flight so which one i have to pick up?

  • TheDonis88:

    hey i want to ask how mutch weight can lift this helicopter ? 100 grams is posible ? i’am waiting for? my 9104 =]

  • MrAndrei316:

    just bigger and better?

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