YS-X6 autopilot Zero UAV test wind and mobile control by RC Innovations

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N200PC Jet Ranger with Auto Pilot Sacramento California
( Matt Armenta )


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  • QuantumEra:

    +Clayton Heselschwerdt  First of all there are professional multi-rotor enthusiasts in the US. The only thing currently illegal about multi-rotors is flying above 400ft and using them for commercial use. Second of all, arducopter is a joke. And no one cares if Kias are higher in reliability because they're cheap shit cars for poor people anyways. The YS-x6 is competitively priced and it isn't even expensive considering most people buying it would use it for aerial photography/cinematography with cameras that cost way more than the rig itself.?

  • Clayton Heselschwerdt:

    1. In the U.S. there are no professorial Multicopter Fliers. It is against FAA regulations.
    2. I am just pointing out a different solution for amateur (which is a 100% of the U.S. audience) that is 1/5 of the cost.
    3. The KIAs tend to score higher in reliability than Mercedes in consumer reports every year.

    Don't take offense, I am sure that FC is great, but very expensive.

  • RC Innovations:


    The professional who wants security and easy adjustments, purchase ZeroUAV.

    The arducopter is a board for tests and trials. No flies like a professional controller.

    It's like comparing a Mercedes with a Kia car?

  • Clayton Heselschwerdt:

    Instead of searching for ZeroUAV for $1000+ search for arducopter, and pay $200 with all the same bells and whistles. You can get an Xbee and have wifi to your laptop?

  • RC Innovations:

    is not possible to link here.

    Your search my site: multicopters> ZeroUAV> YS-X6 basic> in the description below is the link to download ..?

  • Henry CONTANT:

    Well, I havean old Iphone 3GS so I can jailbreak this one. Could you please give me the linjk to your website?
    Thank's for your help, Henry ?

  • Henry CONTANT:

    thank's for answer, but I'll never jailbreak my Iphone?

  • RC Innovations:

    You need the iPhone Jalibreak. and IOS4.

    You can download the software from my website,

    Best regards

  • Henry CONTANT:

    Wich is the name of the software I have to use on my Iphone?

  • RC Innovations:


  • freya1924:

    Flying into downtown on auto? XD
    El Jeffe is getting way too much air time (video not copter) LOL?

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