WLtoys V383 500 Electric 3D 2.4G 6CH RC Quadcopter or Stingray 500

Curtis Youngblood Stingray 500 Quadcopter or WLToys V383 Quadcopter. When it comes to this question, its hard to tell the difference as the WLToys V383 looks exactly the same as Curtis Youngblood Stingray 500 Quadcopter.

Apart from the intellectual copying thing, WLToys V383 Collective Pitch 3D Quadcopter packs a powerful performance in it and is able to do hardcore 3D right outside the box. NO Setup needed, no tweaking needed, Just charge the battery, add battery and start ripping some serious 3D stunts with this Quadcopter.

WLToys V383 is one Quadcopter that will not disappoint you in anyway. This quadcopter is sleek, super cool looking, very stable to fly and packs some serious power to do hardcore 3D stunts only if pilot has got the skills. This Quadcopter offers 6G Stabilization mode which is good for beginners to fly, but in 3G Mode, this Quadcopter will turn into a Serious 3D Beast that can pull some hardcore 3D stunts only if Pilots have got skills. WLToys V383 is built with Medium quality components and frame is built with carbon fiber tough booms.

All in all WLToys V383 gets two thumbs up for its superb and powerful 3D flight performance. If you are a 3D helicopter pilot, you should not miss this quadcopter out. This will bring you to a whole new level of 3D Stunts world together with a chance to get into some new 3D Stunt FPV World.

you can order WLToys V383 Collective Pitch Quadcopter here:

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