MJX X600 2.4G 6 Axis FPV Wifi RC Helicopter RC drone with C4005 camera RC aircraft

Main Features:
1.Newly-increased Headless Function
Can recall the aircraft easily and One Key Retrun can make the quadcopter easier to control.
2.7.4v 700mAh Battery
Greater battery capacity,longer flying time
3.FPV Real-time Transmission
It can be installed with FPV aerial components:a C4005 HD camera or C4005FPV aerial component(buy separately,selled in our store)which can download MJX R/C FPV Aerial software allows real-time camera and video transmission of aircraft during flying.
4.Left/Right Throttle Control Switch Mode
Have 4 play modes for selection.It is simple and convenient to complete mode switch among the 4 modes.
5.Throttle Limit Mode
which designed for protecting the safty of beginners.
6.With 2.4GHz Spread Spectrum Technology
For further enhance aircraft remote contrll distance,strong anti-jamming capability,less power consumption,and can control different quadcopters at the same time without interfere with each other .what important is that it will reaction velocity response 100 times faster than other radio control.
7. With the Newest 6 Axis Stabilization System
For precise hovering in the sky and 360′ 3D eversion . It makes the helicopter easier to control, easily implement various flight movements, strong stability and stronger wind resistance.
8. With LED Light
Not only makes night flight much easier,but also makes the quadcopter look more attractive


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5 Responses to “MJX X600 2.4G 6 Axis FPV Wifi RC Helicopter RC drone with C4005 camera RC aircraft”

  • jonathan dawdy:

    Hi idk if anyone ells had this problem but i only got 1 use out of each battery and now whenever i charge them and hook them up all it does is blink the hover lights forever and never connects to the remote. They also arent as bright as before.?

  • TheMADCow:

    Does this drone keep on working after a week and thanks?

  • Leo Dublin:

    Bought this yesterday, A very nice drone but I need help on the FPV feature. I am connected to the MJX wifi but when I try to use their software, it wouldn't give me the real time view. It wouldn't go past through the 'monitor' interface. Appreciate the inputs. TIA?

  • Just for fun:

    How did u connect the camera with the phone and also do u need to have a wiFi connection or mobile data can work as well??

  • ????? ?????????:


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