WL V-912 Skydancer Review and Flight

The V-912 is a 4ch helicopter that Is the big brother of the V-911 and can handle more wind. Please like and subscribe!


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12 Responses to “WL V-912 Skydancer Review and Flight”

  • Edmar Ribeiro Ribeiro:

    Acho lindo esse helicóptero pena que aqui no Brasil custa muito caro eu gostaria muito de ter um e já faz um tempo que estou batalhando para comprar mais esta muito difícil ?

  • weird science:

    Nice flyer was looking at these but got a blade sr instead

  • akshat dadhich:

    Can you tell me where I can get this product at comfortable price I am from India

  • Rob T:

    Thanks for the good review, I've been looking at buying one having sold my Trex 450 a while ago. I can't believe how cheap these are!

  • Chitraksh Bhatia:

    I just got my v912 and it is always moving towards the left – is this normal?

  • Gary Vale:

    I have the V911 and V913….will either of these transmitters work with the V912 BNF? if not what would be an inexpensive TX for the V912….

  • Ghosttjr2:

    is it 7,4 850mah?

  • Sam McWethy:

    If I punch the throttle mine likes to yaw to the left then I have to correct it. Anyone else have this issue? Trim helps a little but it doesnt do it unless I punch the throttle.

  • jose luis Ramirez:

    great video ,have you had any problems with main motor. mine burned out after 3 days of flying.

  • John Wedrall:

    nice flight !

  • Realvalue Silver:

    guys this is not the upgraded brushless helicopter the response is slower in this heli

  • Ashley McGovern:

    I've learned I can bind this to my 6ch Flysky TX & don't have to use the supplied one, however the shoulder buttons (turbo etc) make me wonder if I will be missing something? Is the turbo just extra throw to pitch the nose down further, or does it affect the motor etc? And is the other button just a dual rate switch?

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