Which HobbyEagle Gyro is Right for You? – Comparison – Motion RC

Need help deciding which HobbyEagle Gyro is right for you? James compares the A3L-V2, A3PRO, and A3SUPER3 HobbyEagle Gyros.

A3L V-2: 1:46
A3PRO: 3:31
A3SUPER3: 5:52

A3L V2 Setup Video: https://youtu.be/4w5O_mBsPLk
A3PRO Setup Video: https://youtu.be/X5UlP9cwe7M
A3SUPER3 Setup Video: https://youtu.be/nmNPWhndv1Y

US A3-L V2: https://www.motionrc.com/products/eagle-a3-l-3-axis-airplane-gyro
US A3PRO: https://www.motionrc.com/products/eagle-a3-pro-6-axis-airplane-gyro-w-one-click-auto-recovery-system
US A3SUPER3 :https://www.motionrc.com/products/eagle-a3-super-3-standard-edition-airplane-gyro

EU A3L V2: https://www.motionrc.eu/products/eagle-a3-l-3-axis-airplane-gyro
EU A3PRO: https://www.motionrc.eu/products/eagle-a3-pro-6-axis-airplane-gyro-w-one-click-auto-recovery-system
EU A3SUPER3: https://www.motionrc.eu/products/eagle-a3-super-3-standard-edition-airplane-gyro

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First Step RC Heli 101 6-Axis Gyro Altitude Hold RTF – Test Flight #1 using the RadioMaster TX16S

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18 Responses to “Which HobbyEagle Gyro is Right for You? – Comparison – Motion RC”

  • F C:

    Great video! Thanks.

  • Dg 27:

    very good video

  • Unleashanger Cat:

    Hello, noob here. Can i put this gyro on Rx 701 Walkera reciever. Rx and tx manual says that it has a gyro on/off switch.
    also Can you give me an advice on choosing a Gyro for Rx701?

  • Endy X:

    can we put this gyro on xk x520 ?? ?
    im new to ??.

  • Zonuna:

    I have an A3 super fitted on one of my electric plane, will it work on a 30cc Gas plane ? or has anyone tried them on Gas plane so far ?

  • Bart Hutchison:

    Can atti-lock be used for a super slow roll, or 8 position roll with aileron input only?

  • gary gullikson:

    Are these Gyro systems all compatible with my Aurora 9 transmitter and Optima receivers?

  • Fidel Grillo:

    Is there an option that will work with twin motors and differential thrust?

  • Ashley m:

    Does a3super3 work with duel ailerons not on a y connector?

  • Michael Rajca:

    james forgive me but whats the difference between autolevel and trainer mode is auto level mode where it doesnt limit angles but brings wings to level when sticks released.


    Really thank you for this video. I was confused about which to get. Really thanks mate. God bless you

  • BD Tennessee:

    Whats the advantages/disadvantages of using a Admiral with built in gyro and normal receiver with this Gyro seperate?

  • RC Hobbyist Extreme:

    After the Receiver in my Maule failed after only 4 flights, I discovered Horizon DOES NOT sell a replacement Receiver already programmed for your plane. You are required to buy the replacement receiver and a programming cable. As I already have the Hobby Eagle Pro 3 sitting in a box ready to install, I am going with that instead. I am also going with a TACTIC receiver instead.

  • Doggeslife:

    Did my first test hop with the E129, and I can verify that it is a completely different bird compared to my other helicopters. I'll make a comparison video later after I have spent some time with it, but here's my 1st impression in a nutshell…

    Very east to fly for the new heli pilot. Amazingly stable. The electronics control the throttle and collective pitch. The throttle stick just tells the heli to go up or down at a rather leisure rate, similar to some of my quad drones. In contrast, the pilot of the E129 has near-full control over the cyclic for fore/aft/left/right maneuvering with the right stick and tail rotor rpm's for yaw, with the gyro feeding in whatever is needed to maintain level flight and direction (no position hold).

    The E129 can get a new pilot flying in one day and is very relaxing to fly. The non-stabilized birds can take a month or more just to learn to hover. With more time and less wind I would like to see what it is capable of.

    The pilot is totally isolated from blade pitch and motor RPM. Climbing and losing altitude speed is strictly at the mercy of the electronics. Hold the throttle stick down and the bird slowly settles to the ground.

    With a typical heli you move the stick all the way down and it will either cut power and fall out of the sky (fixed pitch rotor or collective pitch in "Sport Mode") or drive itself into the ground at full speed with negative blade pitch (collective pitch in 3D mode). The throttle stick directly controls motor speed and blade angle in typical helicopters. Admittedly this DOES make them harder to fly, but provides for much more vertical control.

    At one point a downdraft started pushing me down onto a bird feeder, and even though I fed in full-throttle to climb out it kept coming down, only slowing gradually in descent until a blade struck the feeder, the motor shut down automatically and it fell 6 feet to the ground (no damage except a dinged blade). A standard heli would have climbed immediately away. Gotta keep this in mind while flying it.

    I have to admit I find the tail rotor too sensitive for my tastes, having become use to my other heli's whose tail rotor RPMS ramp up more slowly. I went to make a fast left turn for the first time and ended up performing a 360 spin (heh heh). I think I need a multi-protocol radio for this one so I can adjust tail authority. Just a personal preference. With time I would most likely grow use to it as-is.

    The rotor blades have a positive camber for more lift similar to my fixed-pitch heli's, so this means no stunts or inverted flight. UNLIKE my fixed-pitch MSRX the E129 has collective pitch as well as varying rotor speed to control altitude. The MSRX only has cyclic pitch for direction control and controls altitude strictly through rotor speed.

    Collective pitch blades are typically symmetrical airfoil shaped. I do not even think the E129 can do a loop or roll, though the always-on stability mode would prevent it anyway. Definitely a trainer for the first time heli pilot, though seemingly a very good one for that use. You could learn more with a standard sport heli, but you will break a lot of parts in the process of learning to control it. This is why flight sims are so critical to learn the basics of heli flight first without breaking stuff (or worse). I like this one a lot (I use Phoenic RC): https://www.banggood.com/22-in-1-RC-Flight-Simulator-Cable-for-G7-Phoenix-5_0-XTR-VRC-FPV-Racing-Compatible-Radiolink-or-WFLY-or-FUTABA-or-FlySky-or-Walkera-Transmitter-p-950398.html?cur_warehouse=CN

    My conclusion:
    Intermediate heli pilot (me)… You may or may not enjoy it. It's a whole different ball game, like flying a fixed wing in SAFE or 6G mode in some ways. I need more airtime with it to see what it can do.

    Advanced heli pilots… Probably won't like it any more than a Tour De France rider on a bike with safety gear.

    First time flyers… You will have a lot of fun with it. Easy to fly and very durable. Compared to my Blade birds, this thing is a tank. Don't be afraid to break it, though I'm sure someone will find a way. Short learning-to-fly-it period.

    I recommend flying on calm or low-wind-speed days. That's basically true of any VTOL, but going against what one might expect this "stabilized" heli is a bit trickier to control in turbulence. I think the barometric altitude sensor was getting false data from the gust and rotors it was experiencing. My back yard is a great place for turbulent air flight-testing 😉

    NOTE: The cheap transmitter gimbals are a major handicap. A multi-protocol TX with adjustable control range and decent sticks is pretty much a must, IMO, and will make the helicopter much more enjoyable. Just ask GroundControlRC.

    More later. Happy flying!

    UPDATE EDIT: Second flight in smoother air did better. I adapted to the rudder and managed a few circuits around the yard. Fun bird.

  • Paul Hope:

    That looks really good fun, I've always fancied a heli but was put off by their relative fragility and got into LOS Acro quads instead. (Warpquad 230) The great thing about it is that you usually just brake props if you bin it. Amazing performance, very tough, super easy to fly and a real blast, you should try one! 🙂

  • Doggeslife:

    I may look for one of these stabilized whirlybirds for teaching friends to fly heli's. Hesitant with the price though. What's your opinion on this one ($89) compared to the Eachine E129? ($50).

    Happy hovering!

  • Lal Beikh:

    Im not a heli fan, but looking at how u fly the heli, make it looks interesting for me to try one. And u have a nice wide space to fly planes. ?

  • lasersbee:

    What protocol did you use with the FS 101 ?

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