Walkera 36 RC Helicopter

My Walkera 36, with Walkera brusless motor, CNC tail upgrade, and 1800mah, 11.1v Lithium Polymer battery. This was one of the first flights.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5


30 Responses to “Walkera 36 RC Helicopter”

  • zepters85:

    good for you!!! lucky? one

  • OutbackKanga:

    Walkeras fly and last well if you take the time to set them up right.
    My Walkera 36 B is over 2 years old ,has over 50hrs flying on it ,never been crashed? and never needed a single replacement part, still on the original Lipo.
    I use the original radio, and have never even had a single glitch.
    I would buy another one any day :)

  • RCHeliPilot:

    Just that Walkeras aren’t the greatest helis out there especially now with all the new stuff. Many people say that their Walkeras break all the time. Just what? I hear, that’s all.

  • NinjaArt99:

    What? makes people say that?

  • andykent100:

    Its the standard canopy and fin. I removed? the stickers and painted it.

  • marluzkat:

    Where did you get that canopy and? fin? Did you paint them yourself?

  • jmmaroli:

    What charger and what brand of lipo are you using??

  • Krzysztof Bosak:

    I have put active cooling? fan, 40mm diameter, from computer graphics card. no reasonnably sized heatsink was good enough. remember WK36 is underpowered with stock brushless motor, little weight can be added.
    with only stock sink, 3200kv usually burns after 45mins of flying (3 lipos 2170mah).

  • Dragonheli1956:

    I think he is such a good pilot that he can fly everything, trimmed perfectly or not! The main work has to be? done by the pilot not by the engine I think.

  • deepwater1974:

    I just bought a walkera 36 (came? with a gyro. I am having a problem. When I go to take off it leans to the left and wants to spin left. I still can’t fly it because of this. Does antone know what I can do? Whats causing the problem and how can I fix it?

  • RCHeliPilot:

    Nice…I didn’t think Walkeras? actually fly! :-)

  • Shaun Weatherill:

    Very nice? flying love your videos

  • Michiel Cuypers:

    do you have? ADHD?

  • Iamlongbottomneville:


  • wcwicked clown:

    i learned nose in? the same way as you .
    good job

  • MrPlasma01:


  • Turboflyer Jeams:

    I like? the swarm vipers and embers. It’s the wild wild rc tropica.

  • TheNirvanakid:

    Hi im only 12 but 15 on my chanel but i started on a esky hunter and then i bought a blade 400 to get inverted i just climbed to about 800 feet and the hit the pitch selecter a few times and the started going lower and the just? challenged myself to do it over and over. The hunter came with a simulatar but it was messed up and was crap!


    Thanks? for the comment. Love making them.

  • nef003:

    Love your videos.?

    Those where alot of dragon flies at the end.. looks very fun!

    the aircarft shown there looks like a

  • nef003:

    That’s what makes his videos so great.. I like him.. his very? comical and full of life :)

    keep it up!

  • RoboTekno:

    Do what i did. Get a lamp, rub it and then when the genie pops out, ask for the powers of an? ace heli pilot. PLUS, YOU GET 2 OTHER WISHES FOR WHATEVER YOU WANT!!! 😀

  • cypriotkikos:

    good video but… you have to behave like old man? not like child…

  • Joe B:

    ouch! Crash on a CNC head!? Hope you didn’t tweak anything.

  • killertunez1:

    wow? nice crash !! lol 😛


    Thanks for all the? comments and suggestions…Great stuff to know!

  • horizonflyer9:

    great video! “don’t? forget practice makes perfect!” lol

  • jasmine2501:

    Looks like a Taylorcraft or Beaver.

    When you practice your nose-in, maybe get a little closer. It’s hard to see the small changes to compensate for when you’re far away. To keep a hover you have to be able to see small? drifts.

    One thing that helped me was not to think about cyclic as left-right, front-back, but to think “toward the tail/nose” – aileron control I had instinct for because of planes. Hope that helps.

  • freemarlochip:

    Before SIMS, you would get very high altitude and then invert and pratice and? if you felt you were loosing it, because you are high in altitude you have time to return to normal flight and hover or land.

  • Oliver King:

    hey man like your vids if you read rcgroups you will know about the 4#3b great little heli quite twitchy but? when you crash it normally a case of aligning paddles and straight up in the air again!

    I would say better to practice your nose in with this!

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