Venom Ozone RC Helicopter

The Venom Ozone is a durable, easy to fly heli that is fun for beginners to advanced flyers alike. Ready to fly in minutes, the Venom Ozone features a counter-rotating design that makes the heli extremely stable. With its lightweight design, the Venom Ozone is perfect for indoor flying. The kit includes the Venom Ozone, 3 channel transmitter, 7.4V 2s 500mah LiPO Battery Pack and Wall Charger.
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18 Responses to “Venom Ozone RC Helicopter”

  • Chad Johnson:

    I gave my Ozone 3 away a long time ago,? and now I fly an XP2 from XPro heli.

  • therealrockondon:

    the cx2 heli from blade is a really fun indoor/outdoor heli and i think you can install? a camera?i have 1 or the walkera 5#10?

  • MrBurrito70:

    I have? that heli but the battery sucks do I got an new one and it works great

  • MrBurrito70:

    I have that heli and it’s great but the stock? batteries are worthless so I got a new lipo and it works great

  • 001GenLee:

    Looks like a fairly simple helicopter to operate. I want to get the new Air? Hogs Heli Cage sometime soon. It has the rings around the blade to bounce off of the wall & ceiling.

  • cardodoc1:

    Would be nice to hear the copter instead of shitty music?

  • Kwirkley:

    i was flying mine, and i gave it a little thrust but it shot straight up. even when i turned off the thruster it kept flying up and finally it just cut out and snapped the propeller shaft in half. dont even say it diddnt have battery, i just? charged it for the 90 min, no more no less. Dont buy!!!!!

  • SuperBmxbadass:

    o yea this is very durable? it fell from 40ft twice ??? bu it keeps cutting out….

  • venomgroupintl:

    No it does not, sorry. CB?

  • Chadfish:

    Does? this have enough lift to carry a GoPro Hero camera?

  • GuyofManyHobbies:

    That usually happens when the battery is almost dead, even though it’s charging you may have a bad battery. That? sort of behavior is typical for a lipo that’s been overdischarged.

  • GuyofManyHobbies:

    Just bought this heli and it’s great! I bought? it so my friends will have something they can just pick up and fly when I fly my 4-channel single rotor heli. I’ll be making some videos about it in a little bit. Venom has a great product here!

  • afrothunder269:

    The E-flight blade MCX or MCX2 are great Check on youtube for videos there cool I bought one on a recommendation and its well worth it. Plus the remote that comes with it is great? cause you can get bind and fly helis and use the remote with them.

  • afrothunder269:

    They have these for sale at Harbor Freight for 60 bucks I would not compromise technology for size like they have with this particular model. Does not look bad I’ll give them that. But for a 100 bucks I would definitly recommend the E-flight Blade MCX or MCX2. They are amazing helis it takes 20 min to charge 10-12 minutes flight time and they are very stable if its in the air and you poke it, it will maintain balance and if you let go of the controls it will hover on its own. ?

  • banshee8989:

    I got one of these as gift and I? was skeptical as I am an RC guru……. and the box was screeming “toys are us” junk. I can honestly say I am impressed for such a low price made in China piece. The money/Funfactor ratio is high on this one… and it works unlike so many other chinesse junk.
    I give it a thumbs up as a first RC helicopter. As a side note…. a RC helicopter is not for children. They WILL just crash it. You need to understand how and why these work to fly them.

  • 1980andres:

    Yes thank you :)?

  • Miraj828:

    Nice. I’ll be sure to look back on videos of yours on this type of RC Venom Model.
    My father and I love Toy Helicopters/Airplanes (RC) and so I just opened my package today and it seems old/used/refurbished not good for what my parents payed for my parents are giving them business and this is? what I get?

    But nice brand. Its a tough Helicopter.

  • Miraj828:

    I got my RC Venom Helicopter 3 days ago but since my niece was over I didn’t open the package until she left. So I just opened it today and it says that you have to have it charged for an hour until you can? use it. = ]

    Hope that helps.

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