Unboxing the 2014 Thunder Tiger Raptor E550 FBL ARF Heli

Unboxing the 2014 Thunder Tiger Raptor E550 FBL ARF Heli

I’m excited to share the unboxing of my new Thunder Tiger Raptor E550 FBL ARF (Almost Ready to Fly) rc helicopter. I’ve been wanting to move to a 550 sized heli for a while, and this one came at a price that I couldn’t pass up. The timing was perfect!

Let me take you through the contents of the box, and as you can see, this heli is nearly built. It just requires a little bit of assembly and some setup. I’ll be doing another video on that soon.

From the manufacturer’s website:

Loaded with premium features and accessories, the Raptor E550 FBL outdoes every other comparable heli for performance and value. It’s flight-ready fast — 95% of assembly has been done at the factory — and the ESC and flybarless system both arrive pre-programmed. You need to supply only a radio system and battery. The simplicity makes it a great machine for first-time heli pilots. And if you’re a veteran flier, you’ll find yourself reaching for the Raptor E550 whenever you want some high-performance fun.

Top-quality, factory-installed components:
Pre-programmed Ace R/C GT5.2 flybarless system
Pre-programmed Castle Creations Talon 90A electronic speed control
Ace R/C Ripper 1150kV brushless motor
Ace R/C DS1510MG digital cyclic servos
Ace R/C DS0606n digital tail rotor servo

Engineered for outstanding performance:
95% factory-built, with tools included for fast final assembly.
140° eCCPM machined aluminum main rotor head and blade grips.
Thunder Tiger Performance 550mm carbon fiber main blades and 95mm tail rotor blades.
Two-piece lower carbon fiber airframe with several options for easy receiver mounting.
ABS canopy with decals already applied.
Requires one battery — accepts the same size as E700 and E720 machines.

Thanks for watching!

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4 Responses to “Unboxing the 2014 Thunder Tiger Raptor E550 FBL ARF Heli”

  • Adeel Shah:

    Hi CPO big fan of yours, bought and followed ur build in Traot 450 Pro V2. Need your advice to pull me out deciding which brand to buy for a 550 size heli. I have been doing alot of research as a newbie to purchase a big bird. My 450L Align experience was bad 3gx failed, motor issues so not a big fan of Align. My Tarot 450 Pro V2 is awesome bird with Neuron FBL. I just want to seek your opinion in buying Raptor 550E ARF. it is economical and to my astonishment no bad comments on blogs also. Crash Cost is low. So what's is your advice on Raptor or some other brand?

  • RakinBill:

    I'm looking at getting a new Raptor E550 3 blade heli from Thunder Tiger. It looks to be the same airframe as yours. I'm curious as to how different the performance will be compared to a standard 2 bladed heli.

  • Kwanzu Chen:

    anxiously waiting to see your maiden flight!

  • Adrian Chapmanlaw:

    A few things that you probably dont need to do but should just to be safe.

    take the spindle out, grease up the thrust races and make sure they are installed the right way round.

    this also enables you to ensure the feathering shaft bolts are loctited.

    its hard to tell from this video and non of the pictures i have found online show it but the tail pushrod looks like the old raptor style. A lot of people could not get these to work very well because of the kink in the pushrod where it comes off the frame onto the boom. 

    these work ok as long as you get the first guide on the boom in just the right position. once you have the boom and pushrod installed. Jump on a hangout at some point with the heli and I will show you what I mean, picture is worth a thousand words and all that!

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