Syma F3 4ch RC Helicopter In Action

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Syma introduces its newest F3 4 channel fixed pitch helicopter! If you are familiar or have flown the F fleet of choppers, you’ll know exactly how stable it is! The new F3 is equipped with all the awesome features you’ll come to expect from Syma with new features such as onboard gyro, fixed pitch rotor head, and a 2.4ghz LCD transmitter.

The F3 is 4 channel helicopter. This means that it can fly in 8 directions. It will maneuver Up/Down, Forward/Backward, and rotate clockwise and counterclockwise, and strafe left and right. The size of this chopper is suitable for indoor flight in smaller or confined spaces. Its fixed pitch rotor design is naturally stable in flight. Even beginners will find that it will control well. The built-in gyro is able to lock the heading and prevents continuous rotation of the helicopter chassis. The gyroscope is powerful and with the trim adjustment on the transmitter it can be adjusted in flight. What’s impressive is that the helicopter can hover in the air with your hands free from the transmitter.

The radio system included in this package uses 2.4ghz frequency and has the option of flying in 2 joystick layout modes to accommodate users across the globe. With the use of spread spectrum radio frequency technology, the control distance of the chopper is also improved. Unlike infrared systems, you can fly this chopper without having to worry about glass, mirrors, or sunlight interfering with the signal. This type of frequency also allows more helicopters to be flown at the same time. The transmitter also has an LCD screen that displays trim and flight states of the helicopter. A high and low speed switch on the transmitter allows the pilot to control the throttle rate of the chopper for greater or less sensitivity. A 3.7v 150mah Lithium Polymer battery provides good power and about 6-8 minutes of flight time.
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19 Responses to “Syma F3 4ch RC Helicopter In Action”

  • BurningApple:

    Screaming v911 clone.

    WHich is ironicaly a solo pro clone.

  • Ilias tube:

    i'm going to get a syma f3 or a v911 please someone tell me which one is faster

  • Jared Michael:

    Hi, Much cheaper from Amazon buy:

  • Hi?p phong Võ Lê:

    bao nhiêu ti?n v?y

  • Areld Fish,Turtle:

    is it hobby grade?

  • daniel adkins:

    I got a steal back helicopter

  • francis brunette:

    This is a good heli to learn orientation but there is also de blade msr (flybar), msrx (flybarless) and the align trex 100 (flybar) that are very nice to…i have try syma and my experience was nice but there is better …

  • Camille Cabanayan:
  • sai sai thain:

    I just my syma f3 that was fun going outside. 

  • glen871:

    Which is the best mode to fly this in if I want to eventually move on to six channel helis?

  • Eliezer Morales:

    I got v911 and Syma F3 to me the F3 is better than the v911, when i used the f3 for the firt time i felt like a king wiht it so good and nice to fly, i recomend the Syma F3

  • Nathaniel Smith:

    Is the syma F3 and the syma s107g both toy grade rc helis, or are they hobby grade?

  • Colton B:

    Have the Syma S107G, just got it a week ago and love it so far! It's my first ever RC Heli and I have no prior RC flying experience. Only took a few charges before I was really confident and have messed around with bigger batteries and have stripped it down. 
    Heli-Max 250mAh batter not fully charging with the Syma charger but I seem to get 3-4min out of it…I can't wait to get a nice multi-type charging station.

    For anyone who wants to know it weighs 39.75grams out of the box.
    With no inner frame, no canopy, no landing gear, no tail supports or fin/rudder, with factory battery it weighs 30.70grams.
    I haven't set a timer yet but there are other people who have done this and reported their times around 11min or something. A decent bit more responsive but obviously slightly less stable. This thing gets thrown around when it gets close to my wall of 4PC fans on my open air PC case(video upload soon)

    Check my channel later and I might have footage of the entire flight with my new GoProHB+ :) just updated it and manually modified the lens to correct the focus, easy as a piece of crumb cake. 
    …I do need a premium HQ storage card though…class 4 Lexar just not cuttin the cheese.

    I have another channel CB3D where I will upload my 3D printing projects.

    I just now have a pretty great camera to have worthy videos to upload, I've been more hesitant about even trying to get a decent YouTube channel going until now so please subscribe if you're into mountain biking, 3d printing, and other random tech related stuff n junk!

    I will have the GoPro working overtime recording everything I plan to be uploading so just subscribe and stay tuned!

  • Lachlan Hunt:

    I just got this helicopter a few weeks ago. It's surprisingly quick and, even though it said it's an indoor helicopter, it works extremely well outside. If I'm not careful, it can get blown around a bit, but with some practice I've learned to control it, and it will fly quite quickly, even against the wind.

  • gmlasam:

    I got this one and the WL v911.   Both great helis.  The F3 is a little more stable, pretty much trimmed out of the box.  The F3 is a little heavier, durable than the v911.  The v911 requires a little trimming, and its much lighter in weight.  Not as stable as the F3, but its much quicker and more responsive.  Also, worth mentioning is that the F3's Tx can be switched between Mode 1 and Mode 2 and vice versa.  Or is it mode 2 and mode 4…. hmmmm…

  • The RC Element:

    I love this helicopter! Can't get enough of it!

  • Abhishek Heralagi:


  • RC Buyer/ RC ??????:

    I have this one)

  • Kanari Mentos:

    i do not like about this helicopter the battery its little hard to unplug just i convert battery plug to v911 plug then i use v911 battery its very good also the battery cheap ..i notice wen battery little low the helicopter not able to fly  not like v911 still i am not fly thie heli outside yet

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